Media and Information Literacy (MIL)

the Swedish Media Council
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

MIL, Media and Information Literacy, is defined as the knowledge and skills required to find, analyse, critically evaluate and generate information in various media and contexts.The State Media Council coordinates the national actor network MIK Sweden on behalf of the government. The purpose of the network is to develop knowledge and streamline work in the area through collaboration between different actors, thereby strengthening MIK (media and information literacy) in everyone in Sweden.
In 2019 the Government tasked the Swedish Media Council with boosting efforts to increase MIL by developing collaboration and the Council's activities in the area. The mandate includes creating a network for stakeholders working on issues related to MIL, building a platform for knowledge and information dissemination, further surveying developments in the MIL area and developing the Council's MIL resources. In addition to the development work of the Swedish Media Council, the Government has appointed a national Commission on Media and Information Literacy and Democratic Dialogue (Ku 2018: 04). The aim is to increase media and information literacy and strengthen people's resistance to online hate, disinformation and propaganda through outreach efforts throughout Sweden.
In this work, the Swedish Media Council will also take into account the efforts to increase MIL in the population currently in progress in government agencies, committees, the school system, the library system, non-formal adult education and civil society. In carrying out the mandate, collaboration with state and non-state actors operating in the field is of great importance.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

The activities carried out during 2019 have constituted important steps on the way to establish, within the framework of the MIK missions, the authority as a node in a national stakeholder cooperation for increased MIK in Sweden.

Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 

within the budgetframe of the Swedish Media Council

Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Name of partnerType of entity
Several authorities from the cultural- library- museum- and media sectors.
Public Sector
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