Measures taken by public museums and public libraries (Hong Kong)

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To encourage different sectors of the community to participate in museum programmes, museums managed by LCSD have been organising exhibitions, seminars, school and theatre programmes on culture, history and art for children and families and providing guided tours so that visitors can get the most out of their visits to the museums.

As embedded in the Strategic Plan of Hong Kong Public Libraries 2009-2018, some of the strategic goals of HKPL are:

  1. to bring a culture of reading to different levels of the community;
  2. to bring culture to the community; and
  3. to serve the community, especially special groups, by partnering with NGOs.

Strategically, the co-management of public library services with DCs in the 18 districts of Hong Kong since 2008 has brought in the further enhancement of effective partnership amongst DCs, NGOs, the community at large and the Government in the provision of public library services. Drawing upon the synergy of system-wide collaboration, library services geared to different target groups, more community libraries are set up and library extension activities are held in larger scale and diversity to widely reach to different levels of the community. This is vital to bringing about equity of access to knowledge, social harmony and inclusion.

Under this initiative, libraries in the 18 districts have established closer collaboration with the local community for developing library services and planning activities that better meet local needs. The libraries have also been able to enhance their facilities and organise more extension activities to promote reading and encourage lifelong learning through DCs’ funding.

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