Measures taken at international level to promote cultural diversity

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Respecting the culture and intellectual diversity is one of the most important pillars of Omani culture. It is the essence of the Sultanate's policy in its relations with the outside community. The Sultanate calls in various international events to respect cultural diversLy and human cmativity. Thus, it was one of the leading countries to host the international activities. The initiatives of the Sultanate can be summarized in the following points:

  • The Royal Oprah House bas been opened in Muscat, and through this entity the Sultanate works to host a number of international musical bands in order to reflect the message of the House, which is to spread the musical culture through hosting those bands. Many international teams participated in performing their music, including teams from China, the United States of America and Italy as well asto Arab countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.
  • The Royal orchestra symphony is strongly driven and taken care by HM the Sultan Qaboos bin Said. It preformed its concerts with a number of international music artists. It also appeared in many countries of the world such as the UAE.
  • Assuring and crowing the message of love and peace, the Sultanate participates in different world commercial, tourist and cultural exnibitions. It seeks to spread out and exchange the Sultanate's culture with the other countries' cultures confirming the respect of the Sultanate to the cultural diversity and mutual dialogue.
  • The Sultanate, through the Omani government, organizes the annual Muscat International Book Fair. International publishing houses participate to present in a freedom and transparency atmosphere their intellectual and literary issues. On the sidelines of the exhibition, a number of lectures and seminars are held that discuss the cultural and intellectual aspects.
  • In 2011, the International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development was held in the Sultanate to support the cultural and biological diversity. The conference witnessed a large participation from different countries of the world, as well as the international organizations. The most important objectives of conference: how to overcome the issues arising between cultures in order to improve the cultural and biological diversity and raise awareness among the various sects of the community with the strategies and methodologies designed to respect the cultural and biological diversity. A number of global experts attended the conference and it concluded with important recommendations that left a sound effect in raising the international and local awareness for the cultural and biological diversity.