Measures to Increase the Participation of Young People and Children in Cultural Life

Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
  • The “Little Ladies Little Gentlemen International Children's Theatre Festival,” has been organized by the Ministry for 15 years.
  • The “Van Akdamar Children and Youth Theatres Festival” has been organized since 2012.
  • The Children's Choir and Children's Ballet groups aim to contribute to our children's artistic and social development by organizing qualified education and activities. In order to support the artistic productivity of young people,
  • The "Young Contemporary Art Competition and Poster Design Competition" in the field of visual arts and the Young Saz Players Instrument Performance Competition in the field of music are organized.
  • In 2019, 113 young artists were awarded in the competitions held for young people in the field of visual arts and music. In addition to the current competitions for young people, new competitions are planned.
  • Baby - Child Libraries; with the awareness of the importance of bringing families with babies aged 0-3 together with a book/library, the concept of Baby Library has been brought to the agenda, and a baby library has been opened in Karabük, Bitlis, and Tokat. As of the end of 2019, there are 60 Children's Libraries in 42 different provinces, and it is aimed to open an independent children's library in each province by 2023.
  • "No Child Left Who Doesn't Go to Cinema" Project and "Travelling Cinema" Projects :The project "No Child Left Who Doesn't Go to Cinema," which was initiated in 2017, is aimed to take children who have not had the opportunity to go to the cinema before. In the "Travelling Cinema" project, children who do not have a movie theatre in their geographical place are brought together with the cinema with the mobile cinema trailer produced specially with the Ministry's support. In addition, children are brought together with other branches of art through various interactive art activities held before movie screenings.
  • Child-Friendly Museums The "Child-Friendly Museum" project was initiated in 2010 to make the museums of our country more functional, enabling children to visit museums fondly, making the museum environment attractive and increasing its effect, supporting the creativity skills of children, and preparing a participatory and permanent learning environment. Among the main educational activities organized for children in these museums, pottery on the pottery wheel, theatre activities, painting, cuneiform, excavation work, coin minting, marbling work, traditional children's games, mosaic work, as well as work for adults, the elderly and the disabled.
  • Children's Museum Workshops at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations Within the scope of “MDG-F 1792 Alliances for Cultural Tourism in Eastern Anatolia UN Joint Programme”, “Children's Museum Rooms,” and “Friendship Train” projects were carried out in 2011 with the cooperation of our Ministry and UNICEF. The aim of the "Children's Museum Rooms" project is to help children get to know their cultural heritage more closely with the special education workshops opened at the Kars Museum and Erzurum Atatürk House Museum, and thus to increase the awareness of our children in archaeology, art, history, and protection.
  • Travelling Luggage Museum Project With the Travelling Luggage Museum project implemented by Kocaeli Museum Directorate, the team, which set out with the slogan "Attention, there is a Museum in This Class," meets with pre-school groups. The museum team, which has implemented the Travelling Luggage Museum project, makes children have archaeological experiments in classrooms as the "Woman Who Finds" everything that belongs to people, houses, palaces, and belongings under the ground, "The Man Who Restores" objects that come out of the ground and makes children experience the conservation process.
  • Selections from Turkish Tales for Children Project: For the children of our country to learn our fairy tales, which are an important element of the Turkish verbal tradition, 5 fairy tale books have been prepared within the scope of the "Selections from Turkish Tales for Children Project" and presented to the use of children between the ages of 6-10. The "Fairy Tales Turkey Portal Study" it is aimed to upload 465 tales collected from all provinces of our country to this portal. T
  • ruck Theatre Project Within the project's scope, it will be ensured that 3 different games in 24 provinces and 56 districts in the "Eastern Anatolia and South-eastern Anatolia" regions will be brought together with children and young people.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

• Children and young people get to know their own cultural heritage better, and thus their awareness of archaeology, art, history, and conservation is increased.

• By organizing qualified education and activities, children and young people contributed to their artistic and social development.

• Cultural activities were carried out to ensure that children get to know the cities they live in closely.

• The artistic productivity of young people has been supported.

• It has been ensured that babies and children meet with more books.

• Children who had not had the opportunity to go to the cinema before were brought together with the cinema.

• By making museum environments more attractive, children were allowed to travel fondly, their creativity skills were supported, and a participatory and permanent learning environment was prepared.

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