Literature, performing arts, visual arts and music

Bosnia y Herzegovina
Ministry of Education and Culture of the RS
The Institute for Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of RS
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The Republic of Srpska (RS)
The Ministry of Education and Culture of RS subsidizes the programs of cultural and art organizations, and supports the awards usually established within certain events and festivals. 

Literature and readership

On the occasion of literary events, which have several decades of tradition, the literary prizes dedicated to bear the name of a writer are awarded.  In this context, we list some of them for example: Ivo Andric Reward, our only Nobel Prize winner (within the Visegrad Paths); Skender Kulenovic Award (Literary Meetings in Kozara); Ducic Award (Ducic’s Poetry Readings), Kocic Award, Corovic Award, etc.

Theatre and film 

Awards in the field of theater and cinema are established within festivals.  In addition to many theater festivals of local character, there a number of those with international character, which contribute to the significance of awards granted. These are prizes awarded within the Theatre Fest, organized by the National Theater of RS, the International Festival of Children's Theatre (Children's Theatre of RS), the International Festival of Animated Film, International Short Film Festival "Kratkofil", International Festival of Puppet Theater "Lut fest". 

Visual and applied arts 

In the field of visual and applied arts, the awards are presented as part of numerous collective juried exhibitions in various visual art disciplines.  Some of the major awards are the prizes awarded by the Association of Anonymous Artists - UAA within the international exhibition of miniatures, then the annual photo award which, in the framework of international salon of photos and slide shows, is presented by the University Photo Cinema Club. The Art Academy of the University in Banja Luka each year awards the young artists within the annual exhibition of works of the Academy students.


There are organizations in this field that hold international festivals and competitions and, now, traditionally award prizes.  In the field of classical music they are Akordeon Art - International Accordion Festival, Guitar Fest - International festival of classical guitar and choral meetings Golden Fairy, Banja Luka Choral Meetings and May Music Festival devoted to Vlado Milosevic.
As for the original, folk creativity there are a number of festivals of competitive nature, which brings together local folk ensembles and instrumentalists with a long tradition, such as the 35th Festival of Original, Folk Creativity, the 34th Festival of Villages and Municipalities of Semberija, the 20th Festival of Folksong Singers and others.  Folk festivals of international character are International Folklore Festival "Bosiljkovanje", organized by cultural association "Basil" from Derventa and “Dukat" - organized by “Mission NT”. 

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