Libraries and encouraging interest in reading (Macau)

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Policies are based on management and services improvement, resources reasonable allocation, resources sharing, and they are the key policies behind social services. Enhancing the quality of life and improving the cultural standards of its residents are core concepts of the policies of the Macao SAR Government. The social consensus is for residents to enhance their knowledge, refine their wisdom and purify their minds through reading. In order to fulfill these ideals, the Macao SAR Government has strived to establish a management system, from the libraries to museums, connecting bigger and smaller service centers, with more and less resources. There are two levels of service standards: one, to meet the local inhabitant’s demands; and two, be on a par with the services’ level of the world’s most advanced cities. According to the inhabitants’ demands, the Government has made the best use of many facilities, by exploring their potential and diverse nature.

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