Latvian National Development Plan 2021-2027

Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre of the Republic of Latvia, all ministries
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The National Development Plan for 2021-2027 (NDP2027) is Latvia's highest
national-level medium-term planning document. It has been developed in accordance
with the Latvian Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030 (Latvia2030) and the
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that the quality of life improves for each
individual, and society as a whole over the next seven years.
[2] Latvia2030 defines Latvia's long-term development vision. It is the highest
national level long-term development document and the main planning document that
defines the spatial development perspective - an integrated view of the country's
balanced and sustainable development.
[3] NDP2027 focuses on achieving the vision described in Latvia2030:
* In 2030 Latvia will be a thriving country of active and responsible citizens.
Everyone will have the opportunity to feel safe and have a sense of
belonging to Latvia; everyone here will have the opportunity to achieve his
or her goals. The strength of the nation will lie in its inherited, discovered
and newly created cultural and spiritual values, the richness of Latvian
language and people's knowledge of other languages. It will unite the society
in the creation of new, diverse and unique values in the economy, science
and culture that will also be appreciated outside Latvia.
* Riga will be an important European cultural, tourism and business centre.
To promote regional development, preconditions will be created to increase
the economic potential of all regions and reduce socio-economic disparities.
The regional GDP gap will be reduced in the medium term by increasing
competitiveness and providing territory specific solutions for improving
population distribution and quality of the living environment;
* Latvia is our home. It is green, creative and easy to reach, and we are
accountable towards future generations for ensuring its sustainability.

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