Kuwait's five-year development plan for 2010-2014

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Kuwait five-year development plan for the years (2010-2014) is the first development plan in Kuwait since 1986 and it is considered an ambitious plan that is set according to his highness the Amir/Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah wish to make Kuwait a financial, trading and cultural centre.

The main projects of this plan are :

  • The project of establishing a cultural complex in the six Kuwaiti governorates.
  • The project of cultural and artistic exchange in Kuwait and abroad.
  • The project of Honoring and Promotion Awards in arts, literature, social sciences and humanities.
  • The project of archeological excavations program.
  • The project of establishing four national drama groups.
  • The project of restoring Kuwait National Museum.
  • The project of promoting artistic and cultural works in order to progress child culture.
  • The project of electronic government of the NCCAL.
  • The project of constructing a permanent headquarter for archeological excavations delegations in FailakaIsland.
  • The project of constructing SalmiyaTheatre.

These cultural projects provide real work opportunities for Kuwaitis in Kuwait.

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