Kalasha International Film & TV Festival

Kenya Film Commission
Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Kenya Film Commission  has been implementing an award progrmme dedicated to promoting culture, stories, creativity and skills within the East African region. The Kalasha International Film & TV Festival & Market brings under one roof 3 main activities: The Kalasha Eastern Africa Film & TV Trade Show, The Kalasha International Film Festival and The Kalasha Film & TV Awards. The progrmme  is a creative hub that brings together players from the Eastern Africa Film & TV industry in one place and at the same time; offering a platform for all the players and the festival goers from the Film & TV industry to gather, discuss, exchange, collaborate, share stories and develop new business opportunities. The main objective of the programme is to showcase Kenya as a major regional hub for film and TV production, post-production and distribution across all platforms and genres while reinforcing the uniqueness of Kenya as a shooting location. It is catalyst in creating a vibrant film & TV industry which contributes in shaping Kenya’s image at the international level, enhance tourism, provide employment and foster local productions and skills. The Commission has carried out an independent film industry gap analysis baseline survey to determine the skills gap within Kenya’s film industry with proposed recommendations on how to enhance production and uptake of local content aired by broadcasters and Cinema theatres. Arising out of these recommendations was the proposal for support of capacity building initiatives for local content producers geared towards enhancing production, post production, marketing and regulatory skills necessary for the attainment of quality and affordable local content. In 2014, the film commission negotiated for a film incentive and stimulus package for the film industry which was granted in 2015. The incentives are in favor of the local film maker and partially make the film industry attractive for foreign film makers.

Alcance de la medida:
Naturaleza de la medida:
Característica principal de la medida:

The main feature of  the kalasha film  festival are  the competition entry categories for the awards that diverse creators, producers and media of film productions .The main award categories include the following;


Creators and artists  

  • best lead actress in a film

·         best supporting actor in a film

·         best supporting actress in a film

·         best sound designer

·         best original score

·         best editor best lighting technician veve

·         best special effects

·         best original screen play

·         best feature

·         best director of photography

·         best documentary

·         best short film

·         best production designer

·         best director


·         television

·         best lead actor/ actress in a tv drama

·         best performance in a tv comedy

·         best host in a tv show

·         best tv documentary

·         best tv comedy

·         best tv drama


  • special awards

·         best feature by a student

·         best documentary

·         best diaspora production

·         best animation production

·         best feature- east african category

·         kfcb award for best watershed compliant station kbc

·         lifetime achievement award

·         Local TV Advertisement 

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

- New Market oppotunities 

- improved distribution channels 

- improved film standards 

- Visibility of local films

- increased networks for creators artsists and producers 

- Skills improvement in film production

- Awareness creation on local films

- increase in local content 

-Enhanced profile of local films 

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

The Kenya film commision is a government agency created by government policy to promote film and recieves regular annula governemnt funding through the relevant ministry. Currently the Film commision is under the ministry of sports culture and arts. The commisiion also mobilizes other resources from  its partners and donors to support its activitiess and programmes. 

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