International Cooperation in Developing Cultural MSMEs

Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises
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One example of international cooperation in the development of cultural MSMEs that can be reported from the past four years is the 2016-2025 ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for MSME Development. This strategic action plan is designed to strengthen the reach of MSMEs in overcoming increasing economic competition. To support growth and development through the vision of MSMEs that are globally competitive and innovative, it is targeted that in 2025 ASEAN will succeed in creating a globally competitive and sustainable MSME network. To achieve this goal, a complete and effective programme implementation is key. The implementation could be mapped by utilizing ASEAN Dialogue Partner resources, empowering local champions (country champions) and using the evaluation process and periodic monitoring. The overall achievement of MSMEs can be tracked through 10 main indicators and other operational indicators, in the design process.

Indonesia made this Strategic Action Plan as part of the 2018 National Priority Program (closely related to the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises) by making improvements to access for MSMEs through development of entrepreneurship.

In general, international cooperation in the development of cultural MSMEs is aimed at contributing to the realization of the following National Strategy for Culture (see Goal 1, Main Policies and Measures that Contain Strategies and Frameworks for the Development of the Integrated Cultural and Creative Economy Sector):
1. Provide space for the diversity of cultural expressions and encourage cultural interaction to strengthen the inclusiveness of culture (Agenda 1);
2. Develop and utilize cultural resources to strengthen the position of Indonesia internationally (Agenda 3); and
3. Strengthen the role of government as facilitator in the advancement of culture (Agenda 7).

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