Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Environment and Waters (MEW)
Objetivos clave de la medida:

The national legislation provides measures for the conservation of cultural heritage by integrating it into nationwide policies for sustainable development, including measures to protect the environment and specifically the National Ecological Network (protected areas and Natura 2000 sites).


The immovable cultural values, within the boundaries of protected areas and areas under the Protected Areas Act and Biological Diversity Act (BDA, 2002) maintain their conservation and exploitation mode, regulated by relevant regulations on presentation and management. Representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the regional museums participate in committees, which designate new protected areas through which to ensure harmonization and coordination of measures to protect both the natural and the cultural heritage. It could be said that protected areas designated under the national legislation – the Protected Areas Act, and the protected areas under Natura 2000 declared under the Biological Diversity Act (BDA,2002) provide additional protection for the cultural monuments and thus ensure their protection in the long term. The Cultural Heritage Act (CHA, 2009) regulates protected areas for preservation of immovable cultural heritage, for which protection regimes are determined with a territorial coverage and prescriptions for protection.

Alcance de la medida:
Local, Regional, National
Naturaleza de la medida:
legislative, regulatory
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The effective protection and presentation of cultural values is achieved through conducting preliminary, current and subsequent control over the implementation of regulations in this area, including the coordination of all interventions in protected areas for the conservation of cultural heritage with the MC. An ordinance on the scope, structure, content and methodology for development of plans for conservation and management of immovable cultural values was adopted. The preservation of cultural heritage is provided  by the implementation of management plans for protected areas and zones in preparation procedures, which involve representatives of the MC. Activities related to the conservation and presentation of cultural heritage  within the boundaries of protected areas designated under the Protected Areas Act, subject to coordination regimes to ensure conservation of biological diversity in ecosystems and natural processes occurring in them, as well as typical or remarkable natural values and remarkable landscapes - subject to protection in their respective protected areas. In the course of the procedures for environmental assessment and environmental impact, to which investment proposals, plans and programmes (IP PP) under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA, 2002) are subjected, consultations are made under the Cultural Heritage Act (CHA, 2009). When these investment proposals, plans and programs affect territories with immovable cultural values, in the assessment of the environmental impact a part concerning “Cultural heritage” is included.  On the other hand, representatives of the MEW and its regional divisions participate working groups of the MC to discuss territorial coverage and prescriptions for protection of cultural values in order to ensure the protection of both natural habitats and habitats of species that are subject to protection within the protected areas, as well as cultural heritage. A WG has been tasked with drafting an Ordinance for establishing maps and registers of the immovable cultural heritage.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

Through the presentation of immovable cultural heritage the exposure of its scientific and cultural value is assured in suitable conditions after conservation and restoration and the inclusion in the contemporary environment as a factor for sustainable development of the territory. What is needed is more practical coordination and coherence in the policies for protection of valuable natural habitats and species habitats on the one hand and cultural heritage on the other hand.

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