Integrated sustainable cultural programs for International Cooperation

General Directorate- Sistema Paese (MAECI) and Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AICS- MAECI)
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The cultural international plan #Vivereallitaliana (launched in 2016), includes an integrated programmes which promoted a consolidated cultural international cooperation, such us:
- "Italy, Cultures, Mediterranean" (launched in 2018) is an integrated promotion program that combines tradition, innovation and creativity and that finds in the exchange and enhancement of different cultural and social identities, the tools to consolidate and strengthen dialogue among the countries bordering the two shores of the Mediterranean. The project aimed at enhancing cultural identities and promoting dialogue between Italy and the MENA countries by providing a cycle of cultural initiatives and exchanges through touring activities with shows, with particular attention on new generations and artistic residency in some of the most significant spaces and events in the Middle East and North Africa area. The initiatives took place in Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Algeria, Morocco and Jordan making use of the collaboration relationships already established with institutions and festivals of these countries and in collaboration with the local Italian Cultural Institutes.
- "Italy, Culture, Africa" (launched in 2019) is an integrated promotion program dedicated to sub-Saharan African Countries.
Dance, music, theater, visual arts, cultural heritage, research and science are just some of the areas in which Italian talent will meet and dialogue with the African one, in the awareness that working and growing together can lead to extraordinary results.
With Italia, Culture, Africa, the Diplomatic-Consular Network and the Italian Cultural Institutes in Sub-Saharan Africa (22 Embassies, 3 Consulates and 4 Cultural Institutes) is the protagonist in the planning and organization of over 200 initiatives involving artists, scientists , public, with the aim not so much to tell the story of "being Italian" but, above all, to stimulate the encounter and mutual knowledge between cultures.
- Summer at the Italian Festival #ItaliaFestival (launched in 2020). The initiative was promoted within the framework of measures to support cultural enterprises to promote Italian culture and entertainment.

In addition, specific activities promoted by the "Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo" (Agency for Development Cooperation) are included within the framework of international cooperation, which since 2017 has provided for the promotion of the cultural and creative sectors recognizing them as a dynamic element capable of contributing to the consolidation of
stabilization and to help the beneficiary populations to preserve the roots of their identity. In this regard, the Italian Cooperation aims to support culture as a driving force for sustainable development, both socially and economically, and as a catalyst for creativity, promote diversity cultural and intercultural dialogue, strengthen cooperation in the field and cultural heritage.Thefore the support at the creation of cultural industries, the transfer of know-how, the capacity building, diffusion of new technologies, responsible tourism and ecological and vocational training are fundamental for the implementation of sustainable development.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Among the results achieved from the international cooperation programmes, there are:
- "Italy, Cultures, Mediterranean" promoted the international networking in the countries of the Middle East area, of North Africa and the Gulf; encouraged the dialogue, co - creation, positive contamination: these are the keywords that inspired the Program, promoting a cooperative approach, encouraging the exchange of ideas and dialogue between Italian institutions and local actors, artists, audiences and scientists; promoted art and photography, music, theater and dance, cultural and creative industries, language, new technological frontiers and science: these are the sectors around which the over 300 scheduled initiatives have been designed and which will be implemented by the network of Italian Embassies and Institutes of Culture operating in the area.
- "Italy, Culture, Africa" carried out in collaboration with local institutions and partners and other Italian governmental organizations (e.g. MIBACT) promoted activitied in, Costa D'Avorio, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Senegal, Zambia, Uganda, South-Africa.
- "Summer at the Italian Festival #ItaliaFestival", in collaboration with the ItaliaFestival Association (, promoted internationally a summer events scheduled in the fields of theater, dance and music performances, crossing the whole national territory and: including the Puccini Festival in Viareggio, the Ravenna Festival, the Napoli Teatro Festival Italy, the Valle d'Itria Festival, the Emilia Romagna Festival, Villages live in Piedmont, the International Midsummer Festival of Tagliacozzo in Abruzzo, the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, Opera Estate Festival in Bassano del Grappa, Armonie d ' art in Calabria and the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. Thanks to the collaboration with the "Umbria Jazz Foundation", two concerts broadcasted free of charge all over the world in live streaming. Two events organized by the "Inda Foundation" scheduled at the Greek Theater of Syracuse, offered a special path for voices only between ancient myths and modern music were available for free in streaming and on demand.
Furthermore, "Living Italian on the stage" and "Living Italian in music" are the new initiatives, launched since the 2020, for the promotion and dissemination of Italian culture abroad that aim to support the of Italian productions in the live entertainment sector at the international level. "Living Italian on the stage" (promoted by MAECI in collaboration with MIBACT) aims to acquire expressions of interest for artistic proposals of unpublished and original multidisciplinary productions or in the individual disciplines of contemporary theater, dance and circus. Videos will be included in the programming of the "Living Italian style on the stage" initiative which will be broadcast in 2020 through a dedicated platform and promoted internationally by the Ministry's foreign network. "Living Italian on music" (promoted by MAECI in collaboration with MIDJ - Italian Association of Jazz Musicians and the National Federation of Italian Jazz). to acquire expressions of interest for artistic-musical proposals of unpublished and original productions in two sections: classical / contemporary music and jazz. The albums and videos will be presented as part of the "Vivere all'italiana in musica" initiative which will be disseminated in 2020 through a dedicated platform and promoted internationally by MAECI network.

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The implementation of the integrated program of cultural promotion abroad is consulted at the address in which the numerous and progressive activities carried out and the annual planning are updated.