Institutional capacity building for the purpose of applying for the Creative Europe programme

Bosnia y Herzegovina
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Taking into consideration the possibility to apply for the Creative Europe programme, as well as the benefits offered to our cultural workers and artists in that regard, the ministry has intensified the activities on the promotion of this programme, but also on strengthening the capacities of the institutions in terms of attracting funds.

In 2013, employees of the ministry took part in the First Conference of the Serbian Creative Europe Desk, for the purpose of getting trained for applying for the EU Creative Europe programme. For the purpose of encouraging and stimulating the users from Republika Srpska, the Working Group has been appointed with the aim of developing application forms for open calls within the Creative Europe programme. The Working Group is composed of representatives of institutions and the senior officer for strategic planning and European funds from the Ministry of Education and Culture. This year, as a result of the above-mentioned activities, the RS Museum of Contemporary Art participates with two projects (in one as the leader, and in the other as a partner) in the open call for support for CE programme.

A very important and affirmative moment for the promotion of the Creative Europe was the European Union Prize for Literature in 2016, which was awarded to the writer Tanja Stupar-Trifunović for her novel ‘Clocks in my mother’s room’.

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Regional, National
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financial, institutional
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