Innovation and artisanal design laboratories

Artesanías de Colombia
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The Innovation and Artisanal Design Laboratories are composed of human capital, technology and infrastructure, and they are present in all of the country's departments; they support artisans and craftspeople through technical assistance from multidisciplinary work teams, who help them in creating collections and promoting them at fairs, and guaranteeing know-how exchanges with other artisans in Latin America and around the world.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

At the end of the 2019 exercise, Artesanias de Colombia managed to reach a total of 11,478 artisans with the different comprehensive activities of the Innovation and Artisanal Design Laboratories. As a result of the co-design workshops, the laboratories created a total of 1,439 designs. These were reviewed by the corresponding team, which approved a total of 1,208 for production; that is, 84% of all designs. It is important to highlight that of the 1,208 designs to be manufactured, 910 correspond to new products and the remaining 298 to successful objects from previous collections. As part of the activities in the laboratories, 23 regional meetings were held, with the participation of 69 representative artisans and 144 participants from entities that support this sector.

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