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Poland's cultural policies relating to diversity and the promotion of modern thinking about culture as a driver of economic and social development are supported by, among other entities, the Polish National Commission for UNESCO. As part of the conferences it organises and its publishing activities this institution has been committed to promoting the message of the 2005 UNESCO Convention by underscoring the importance of culture for sustainable development and the role of education in promoting cultural diversity. The Polish National Commission for UNESCO has been a member of the Polish EUROMED network – the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures, whose job is to promote intercultural dialogue and the objectives of the Barcelona Process by facilitating cultural, intellectual and social exchange.

MKiDN has also engaged in efforts to promote modern thinking about culture as a driver of socio-economic development. This premise is the basis for the social campaigns that have been in place since 2012, including the "Legal Culture" initiative aiming to promote legal sources of culture and education in the field of intellectual-property protection, and the "Mother Tongue – Add to Favourites" campaign, which promotes attention to the correct use of Polish.

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