Increasing the Potential of Turkish Cultural Industries Project

Turkey Small and Medium Enterprises Foundation (TOSYÖV)
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Purposes of the project; • Guiding the efforts of enterprises operating in the field of culture and arts to increase capacity in the fields of branding and digital marketing, • Analysing the regional challenges, threats, and opportunities faced by businesses, • Making an inventory of the economic actors and civil society organizations that make up the creative sectors of Turkey according to provinces and regions, • Determining sustainable development strategies, • An analysis study for the creation of geographical and sectoral clusters between cultural industry organizations, civil society organizations, enterprises operating in different regions and cities, and in this direction, organizing managerial, financial and capacity building training for the needs of the cultural industries in coordination with the relevant chambers of commerce, especially the provinces to be selected for the project In addition, increasing the capacity of Turkey CCI’s and revealing their potential, promoting culture and art production and entrepreneurship, raising awareness for the development of new technologies and new business models, raising awareness on cultural management, commercialization, ability to enter international markets, creative content and product creation, digital marketing and fundraising for cultural and artistic economic actors operating in the field of cultural industries and reaching nearly 1000 actors or non-governmental organizations operating in the creative sectors of cultural industries in the digital environment throughout the country are aimed.
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