Inclusion of cultural subjects in educational institutions

Ministry of Education
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In Bangladeshi public universities, theatrehas been taught at graduate and masters levels since the mid1980s. Music programmes began in the early 1990s in Dhaka University. Education on film started in the mid2000s. Only recently photography is included in the list. A Bachelor of Social Science (B. S. S.) in Photography was introduced by Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh with an affiliation of Dhaka University in 2018. This is a unique achievement - the course accepts both local and international students. The course details are as follows:
* B.S.S. in Photography (Duration: 4 Years, 8 Semesters, 128 credits)
* The Degree is provided by the University of Dhaka
* The four years graduation programme covers both theoretical and practical aspects
* Pathshala South Asian Media Institute is the first school in Bangladesh to start a four-year-long graduation programme
* The courses covered in B.S.S. in Photography include History of Photography, Techniques of Photography, Darkroom, Digital Darkroom, Creative Writing, Documentary Photography, Communication, Media law & Humanities, Researching the visuals, Gender Studies, New Media Studies, Visual Anthropology, Art History, Economics, Media & Cultural theory, Photojournalism, Curatorial Practice, Design, Publishing, and Alternative Printing.

In the continuation of capacity building activities of photographers, UNESCO had organized a master class in 2019.

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Pathshala South Asian Media Institute is self-depended, supported by the Trust of Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.Total annual expenditure 215,000 USD

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University of Dhaka
Public Sector
Private Sector
South Asian media institute
Private Sector
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