Including cultural diveristy in the educational arena

Objetivos clave de la medida:

In the educational arena, the need to include cultural diversity has been being taken into account, with programmes introduced which will improve co-existence and respect for cultural diversity in the future.

The Ministry of Education has created a Resource Centre for Attention to Cultural Diversity in Education (CREADE in the Spanish acronym), designed to respond to the concerns of education and social sector professionals with regard cultural diversity and all its implications. Its aim is to provide a forum for dialogue and reflection, and to facilitate resources for educative action or social intervention from an intercultural perspective. Its other lines of action include: supporting research relative to intercultural education through the organisation of research awards and grants; the formulation of initiatives and the development of projects; publications, etc.

Other Ministry of Education programmes include: Programme for teaching the Arabic language and Moroccan culture; Programme of Portuguese language and culture; Programme in treatment of immigrants and the educational Programme for the gypsy community.
In 2009, the Ministry of Education and the European Society and Education Foundation published the report Intercultural dialogue in Spain: a requisite for the education and culture of peace, which sets out a range of educative practices which transmit values of justice, respect, peace, dialogue and co-existence.

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