Higher technical-scientific Committees

Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism (MIBACT)
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Within the Ministerial (MIBACT) regulation reform (DPCM 169/2019, artt. 29,30,32), several technical- scientific committees of experts are set up:
- The Higher Council for Cultural and Landscape Heritage (Consiglio Superiore dei Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici) is an advisory body with a technical-scientific nature in subject of cultural and landscape heritage. The Council encompasses several technical-scientific committees, such as for fine arts, art and contemporary architecture, museums and the economy of culture;
- The Higher Council of Performing Arts (Consiglio Superiore dello Spettacolo) is an advisory body that support in the development and implementation of policies of the live-entertainment sector, as well as in the preparation of general guidelines and criteria relating to the destination of public resources to support activities of live entertainment. Members of the Council are representatives of the permanent Conference State/Regions and Municipalities and of cultural and creative associations;
- The Higher Council of Cinema and Audiovisual (Consiglio superiore del cinema e dell'audiovisivo www.cinema.beniculturali.it/direzionegenerale/129/consiglio-superiore-de...) performs consulting and support tasks in the processing and implementation of cinema sector policies and audiovisual, as well as in the preparation of addresses and general criteria relating to the allocation of public resources to support films and the audiovisual;
- Permanent Advisory Committee for Copyright (Comitato Consultivo Permanente per il Diritto D'Autore art.32 DPCM. 169/2019 https://www.librari.beniculturali.it/it/diritto-dautore/comitato-consult...) is a collegial body that provides for the study of matters pertaining to copyright or related to it and formulates opinions on related issues when requested or prescribed by special provisions.

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Objetivo(s) de la Convención 2005 de la UNESCO
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