“Generation of a Visual Arts Platform to work and reflect on the legislative and institutional conditions of the sector”.

APECH, CREAIMAGEN, SOECH, and ACA, all grouped in the UNA.
Está medida ha sido notificada por la sociedad civil.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
On 09/28/19, within the framework of the celebration of the National Day of Visual Arts, the unions of that discipline grouped in the National Union of Artists (UNA), summoned artists and workers of the visual arts to form a work platform and reflection to improve its legislative and institutional conditions. Great artists responded to the call, all of them pledged to work together for the dignity of their sector, which, unlike others such as music, cinema, books and -recently- the performing arts, does not have a Development Council, nor a fund, nor legislation that promotes it. In addition, the intellectual property law that protects the visual arts in Chile dates from 1970.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
In November 2019, the bill on the intellectual property rights of artists, authors and performers of fixed image visual works, known as the “Balmes law”, in homage to the Chilean painter José Balmes, National Plastic Arts Prize (1999). Hand in hand with the so-called "Visual Arts Platform", the National Union of Artists (a group made up of collective management entities and unions such as Creaimagen, ADG and APECH, among others) made a call to strengthen the creation of a legal framework that guarantees certain rights and provides adequate protection to visual artists. Among the notable provisions of this project are the clarification of the basis for calculating the participation right, the application of the term of protection granted by law 17.336 to authors and their heirs and the application of these rights to foreign authors according to the principle of reciprocity. The legislative processing of the Balmes bill whose Bulletin is 13098-24 can be followed at: https://www.senado.cl/appsenado/templates/tramitacion/index.php
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