Gender equality

Objetivos clave de la medida:

With a rights, territorial and gender approach established in the Constitution and the National Plan for Good Living (PNBV 2013-2017), the National Government bets on the integral development of the human being from birth to old age (Coordinating Ministry of Social Development). The policies outlined in this Plan consider aspects of gender equality that manifest in objectives two, five and six. Objective two states: "Promote equality, cohesion, inclusion and social and territorial equity in diversity".

Based on the above, policies and projects such as "zero tolerance" have been implemented in favor of people in vulnerable conditions. For this aim, two strategic policies were incorporated into Objective 6 of the PNBV 2013-2017. In this regard, a new Technical Standard for Integral Care for Victims of Gender Violence was created with the participation of several national entities, which  contains  provisions  and  instruments  for  detection,  care  and  reference  (Coordinating Ministry of Social Development). Within these national policies, there has also been considered the cultural field, included in gender equality programs, as a crosscutting strategy of implemented projects.

During the period of this report, the following policies, programs and actions are noted:

  • Support for the organization of the GLBTI film festival "The Place Without Limit GLBTI" (2013, 2014, 2015; CNCINE);
  • Audiovisual production "Las Tres Marías" (gender component and cultural identities, independent producers);
  • Radio programs and information packs on gender (media, CORDICOM);
  • Women's access to formal education (MINEDUC, SENESCYT, MCCTH);
  • Citizen participation in cultural activities (INEC);
  • Inclusion of the role of women in documentary projects (independent producers).
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