FUS- Fund for Performing Arts (Fondo Unico per lo Spettacolo)

General Directorate- Spettacolo dal Vivo (MIBACT)
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The FUS, the Single Fund for entertainment (adopted by ministerial decree of 27 July 2017) supports and finances the live entertainment activities supported in the areas of Music, Theater, Dance, Circus, and transversal actions (Residences and System Actions), 'the latter carried out in agreement with the Regions or with other Administrations and Institutions or Bodies in the sector.
The FUS is dedicated to support interventions for the establishment, promotion and development of artistic residences, such as experiences of renewal of creative processes, of artistic mobility, of professional comparison; national and international promotion projects and initiatives developed in partnership with other Administrations, with Regions or with local authorities, as well as with institutions and organizations in the national and foreign sector. Special projects financed on the exclusive initiative of the Minister.
The following types of subjects eligible for the grant are identified:
National theaters (art.10)
Theaters of significant cultural interest (art.11)
Production Companies (Article 13) including youth (Article 13, paragraph 2)
Production companies of theater of innovation, experimentation and childhood and youth (Article 13 paragraph 3)
Puppet and image theater production companies (Article 13, paragraph 4)
Subjects who perform street theater (Article 13, paragraph 6)
Theater production centers (art.14)
Regional circuits (distribution, promotion and public training organizations) (art.15)
Programming bodies (art.16)
Festival (art.17)
Public and private entities that carry out targeted promotion projects (art.41)
a) to generational change
b) social cohesion and inclusion
c) to professional training
d) training of the public.
Multidisciplinary projects (Regional Circuits, Programming Bodies, Festivals) are governed by Articles 37 et seq.
An indispensable requirement for access by the bodies requesting FUS contributions is the proven professional performance of the activity. The Administration grants grants for three-year projects - accompanied by an updated program for each year. On the other hand, it annually grants contributions for tours abroad (as well as to events of solo concert performers of recognized artistic value).
Furthermore the law 22 November 2017, n. 175 "Provisions on entertainment and delegations to the Government for the reorganization of the matter" extends to other subjects financed by the FUS the possibility of receiving the support of private individuals through donations which give the right to take advantage of the Art Bonus tax credit ( 65% tax relief for donations in support of culture) .
The donations made in cash that give the right to the tax credit must refer to the following interventions:
* maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets;
* support of public institutions and places of culture (eg museums, libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks, monumental complexes, as defined by article 101 of the "Code of cultural heritage and landscape" referred to in Legislative Decree 22 / 01/2004 n.42,) of lyric-symphonic foundations, traditional theaters, concert-orchestral institutions, national theaters, theaters of significant cultural interest, festivals, companies and theatrical and dance production centers , as well as the distribution circuits;
* construction of new structures, restoration and enhancement of existing ones, of public bodies or institutions which, without profit, carry out exclusively activities in the show business.

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Civil Society Organization (CSO)
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The D.P.R. 14 May 2007 n. 89 confirms, in art. 2, the four advisory committees responsible for each sector of live entertainment. These Commissions - within the scope of the competences attributed by the institutive norm and by the regulations regarding the criteria and methods of disbursement of contributions in favor of the various entertainment activities - have an advisory function in order to evaluate the qualitative aspects of the projects and initiatives relating to requests for contributions in the areas of their respective competence. The advisory commission for music also has advisory functions in relation to the evaluation of the qualitative aspects of the activity programs of the lyric-symphonic foundations.
The Commissions are divided by sector. Its members are three appointed by the Minister, one by the Permanent Conference for relations between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and one by the State-city and local autonomies Conference.
The members are also chosen from among highly qualified experts in the areas of competence of each of the Commissions, through a public procedure.

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