Film Epistemology, Information and Awareness Raising Sessions

Alatinos Filmmakers Association
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The Alatinos Filmmakers Association’s (AFA) Weekly Capacity Building and Film Awareness Raising Session offers a unique program to explore and experiment on the process of film making, film philosophies, film techniques, new technologies, film genres, and styles. Through this initiative, AFA has created a platform where acclaimed local and international filmmakers share their vast experiences in screenwriting, film production, and distribution to its members as well as the film making community of Addis Ababa and its surroundings. The program has also supported members of the Alatinos Filmmaker Association in understanding the digital world. As a result, hundreds of local filmmakers are now able to benefit from digital distribution platforms. Throughout the years, thousands of filmmakers and film scholars have benefited from the weekly sessions. Especially, this initiative offered a strong foundation for young filmmakers who do not have the opportunity to go through a formal film school in understanding cinema as a multilingual and multinational endeavor. As its primary mission, AFA has provided workshops and training in the study of cinema and the practice of making films. The program moreover advances the production and scholarly understanding of films by inviting acclaimed film scholars and filmmakers from Europe and the U.S.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
As a result of training and workshops we have offered through our weekly programs, hundreds of young filmmakers started their journey into film. This initiative has provided practical know-how to get young filmmakers’ ambitions off the ground, fulfilling their burning desire to enter the professional world of film. AFA has offered the guidance they need to get started, as well as the opportunity to create their first portfolio under the supervision of experienced tutors. The short training AFA offered was the perfect solution for young filmmakers who are unable to commit to several years in a university or enroll at a formal film school. The benefits of our weekly programs are wide-ranging and prove invaluable in the film school environment, letting our members simultaneously learn and practice the skills needed for the job. This initiative has also supported professional filmmakers in benefiting from digital distribution. Moreover, an informal film society has been created through this initiative.
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