Export and import strategies for cultural goods and operators

Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Egyptian Ministry of Culture has developed a special policy for export-driven (promoting cultural expression abroad). Scholarships are offered for young creators in various domains, like sculpture, painting, commix, video art, critique artistic, lighting, costume, etc…. in the aim of assuring the dialogue with other western schools.

To reinforce the dialogue south-north, the ministry of Culture is armed with a wide, refined and sophisticated platform in the heart of Europe, the Egyptian Academy in Rome, from where Egyptian young artists could exchange and export their millennium culture while getting inspired from the mythic culture of the west.

To strengthen the import-driven strategies, the Ministry of Culture adopts policies that enable the distribution of diverse cultural expressions in their respective markets.

Característica principal de la medida:

A specialized structure (‘elaqat Saqafia Kharigia) within the Ministry of Culture is concerned by the international cultural exchanges, the supervision and dissemination of the foreign various expressions in the appropriate areas in order to optimize their input on the society and stimulate the curiosity of the Egyptian citizens to learn more and increase their knowledge for discovering the world.
Egypt has a very important activity in regard with Festivals and Art Symposiums. The most important is the International Film Festival held every November in Cairo with a wide bunch of Directors/actors and cineaste who share their experiences with the Egyptian society.
Egypt organizes also two international Art symposium, the first and oldest is the one in Luxor dedicated for Art painting and the second one in Aswan for Sculpture. Artists from everywhere in the globe comes to enjoy the gathering and fruitful exchange that is realized during those two international events.
Egypt contributes as well in the International Biennale of Venezia (Italy) through the outstanding Pavilion of which the Egyptian academy in Rome is supervising (Annexe III: summary of the Egyptian contribution during the 55th session of the Art Biennale).
NGO’s across the country have been very active in the cultural exchanges of musical troops and other activities that have a direct impact on the society. (Annexe 5: Web site address with a list of NGO’s in Egypt and their main activities).

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