Exercising the right of the Italian and Hungarian minorities, and the Roma and other ethnic communities in Slovenia to receive public information and to be informed

Ministry of culture
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

Pursuant to the Mass Media Act (ZMed), the Ministry of Culture holds an annual open call for applications for co-funding media content aimed at supporting the media in creating and disseminating programme content that is also important for exercising the right of the Italian and Hungarian minorities and the Roma community in Slovenia to receive public information and to be informed.
The segment of this open call referring to programmes of special importance that are in Slovenia's public and cultural interest (i.e. local, regional, student and non-profit radio and television programmes) also specifies "facilitating the right of local and minority communities to receive public information and to be informed" and "broadcasting in minority languages" among the assessment criteria used.
The local and regional radio and television programmes of special importance are also required by law to feature content covering the life and work of Slovenians in the neighbouring countries, the members of the Italian and Hungarian minorities, and the Roma if they are aired in areas where these communities live.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Thus, as part of this open call the Ministry of Culture also allocated funding to news programmes covering issues related to the ethnic and minority communities in Slovenia and the Roma, and providing information on their situation and current events taking place in these communities.

One example is Zavod Radio Student (Student Radio Institute), which provides regular information on individuals and organisations from Slovenia and other former Yugoslav republics, and also serves as a bridge between the cultural, political, research, and other developments in Slovenia and other former Yugoslav countries.
The Danilo Kis Serbian Cultural Centre broadcasts Kontrola leta (Flight Control), "a programme of the members of the Serbian minority for the members of the Serbian minority and other Radio Student listeners."
In accordance with the Mass Media Act, media targeting new or other minorities or media published by these minorities can also apply for public funding in the regular annual open call for the co-funding of media programme content. Moreover, positive discrimination is applied with regard to such programme content because the following two legal criteria are also taken into account in assessing project applications:
- Ensuring respect for the principle of cultural diversity, gender equality and tolerance;
- Facilitating the right of local and minority communities to receive public information and to be informed, and broadcasting in minority languages.

Hence, the following two applicants were also selected in the regular annual call for project applications for the co-funding of media content:

- Information Office for Ethnic Hungarians for articles in the weekly Nepujsag.
Nepujsag is a weekly newspaper published by the Hungarian minority in Slovenia. Its aim is to provide information to ethnic Hungarian residents in their native language. This project focuses on presenting, actively following and commenting on events connected with this minority and events in the ethnically mixed, bilingual area in the Mura Valley that affect the lives of individuals, and exercising the special rights of the native Hungarian ethnic community. The content published in this newspaper helps preserve the minority's language and culture, while also enabling the quality inclusion of its members in the social environment of the majority nationality. As the only printed medium in Hungarian, the newspaper provides information to the minority members in their native language and helps preserve their culture and language. It plays an important role in enabling the Slovenian majority to learn about, connect with and accept the Hungarian minority.

- The Slovenian Roma Association for the project "Most sozitja" (Bridge of Coexistence) on Radio Romic. Radio Romic is a radio station of the Roma and other communities, and the programme within the project "Most sozitja" highlights features speaking against prejudice against the Roma as one of the best-known vulnerable groups in Slovenia. The programmes are broadcast in Slovenian and partly in Romani. The target audience is the Roma and non-Roma community in Prekmurje and its wider area (Slovenians, Roma, and Hungarians), and the radio station's role is primarily to encourage communities to cooperate tolerantly and harmoniously, raise people's awareness and present different cultures, origins, history and the shared past. Radio Romic promotes the preservation of Roma values and the Romani language, and also collects literature on the Roma and works by Roma authors. It promotes the active social engagement of the Roma community within both Roma and other organisations.

Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 

USD 2,943,620.00

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