Exchange Programmes and Residencies for Artists

Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture also offers an artist in residence programme in Vienna that enables young artists from abroad to complete a specific project, to become acquainted with the Austrian arts scene and culture and to establish contacts in the arts community. The Ministry offers accommodation and the use of a community studio, a contribution to the costs of living as well as material costs, assistance and support, visits to museums and galleries and contact to other artists. At the end of the stay the artists are offered the possibility for a small exhibition of their works to the public. Recently, the Federal Ministry hosted artists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, France, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Lithuania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

Similarly, Austrian artists can gain international experience in one of the 15 Austrian Ateliers in China, USA, Czech Republic, Mexico, France, Italy and Japan.

The Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture performs a wide variety of federal funding programmes for all segments of contemporary art including the performing and fine arts, music and literature, film, new media, photography, architecture and design. To provide an insight into the most recent generation of artists in Austria abroad, the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture is presenting an exhibition from the national collection of contemporary Austrian art in partner countries. Each piece of art in this exhibition was acquired by the Austrian state in order to support artists. Countries in which the exhibition has been presented include Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Hungary, Israel, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey, the next host countries of the exhibition will be Mexico and Cuba.

Additionally to these programmes administrated by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture also the Laender (e.g. the Rondo-Programme of Styria, Auslandsateliers of Upper Austria, etc.) as well as numerous cultural institutions (e.g. Artists-, Dancers- and Writers in Residence programmes of KulturKontaktAustria) offer scholarships and artist studios to local and / or foreign artists.