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The 2019-2022 Work Plan for Culture proposes a workshop should be held on artistic freedom, with reference to the UNESCO 2005 Convention. It also proposes a study should be commissioned in the related area of citizenship, values and democracy. The Commission is taking forward work in these areas. The 2020 report produced for the Commission on the status and working conditions of artists (described separately in this report) included a chapter on freedom of artistic creationand describing the international, European and EU legal framework, the current restrictions to artistic freedom of creation in Europe, and the impact on artists. It also proposed a number of recommendations. The Council’s conclusions of 18 May 2021 also invited EU Member States and the Commission to take appropriate steps to further encourage cooperation, including with third countries, and to facilitate the free movement of artists and CCS professionals, promoting exchanges, collaboration and artistic freedom by taking into account the general principles of free movement of persons and services.
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