Establishment of the Azerbaijan Federation of Creative Industries

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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On November 1, 2021, the Azerbaijan Federation of Creative Industries was established to coordinate the development of creative industries, manage international and local projects in this field, and coordinate government agencies and business partners with individuals, companies and public organizations operating in the field. The Federation has been entrusted the task to carry out awareness-raising and promotion activities, while developing supporting the ecosystem necessary for the emergence development of SMEs in Azerbaijan, promote the production, promotion and export of creative products and services, support public entities in the field of creative industries and develop initiatives within this framework.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 
Since its establishment in 2021, a number of activities were held by the Federation. On December 25, the National Carpet Museum hosted a presentation of the "Creative Azerbaijan Volunteers" Movement, a joint project of the Ministry of Culture and the Azerbaijan Federation of Creative Industries. The activity aimed at increasing the role of volunteers in cultural and mass events on culture and creative industries, research and seminars and other areas. Based on a questionnaire disseminated through social networks, more than 500 creative people have registered, from which 30 talented and creative Azerbaijani volunteers were selected from different regions of the country and working in different fields of cultural and creative industries. Other activities implemented by the Federation include partnership and exchange initiatives with business entities in the field of cultural and creative industries as well as with foreign entities such as British Council office in Azerbaijan. A collaboration has been set up with the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of Azerbaijan, as well as ABAD - Easy Support for Family Business agency. In February 2022, a public discussion on business opportunities of Creative industries was organized, with the participation of the Minister of Culture, Mr Anar Karimov. The event discussed modern business challenges of the creative industry, development of public-private partnership in this field, increasing the knowledge and skills of creative people in entrepreneurship, effective sectoral organization, problems and development of the sector, organization of trainings, support to holding of exhibitions and advertising.
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