Ensuring equal access to the products of culture and participation in cultural activities for people with disabilities

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As a result of the implementation of the Barrier-Free Environment State Programme for the Disabled for 2011-2015, the access to cultural benefits to people with special needs was improved. The actions within the Programme were targeted at creating equal opportunities for such people to use the social infrastructure, media and communications; and increasing their social engagement and autonomy, comprehensive development and active involvement in social life. The School Library series of Braille books for visually challenged children and the conversion of the "talking book" from the analogue to the digital format has been completed. The cinemas have been equipped with devices for the visually and acoustically challenged. The National Broadcasting Company's TV channels and also the Second National Channel and the Capital TV Channel have created facilities for people with impaired hearing. There have been TV and radio programmes featuring the public associations of the disabled. For persons with special needs, a number of events has been arranged: the Nieprataptany Šlach (Untrodden Path) International Festival of Special Theatres, the Step Forward International Festival of Special Theatres, the Under the Wings of Orion Inclusive Creativity International Festival (Minsk), the Art of Living and Creating Art Republican Creativity Contest, the Way of Kindness Regional Festival of Creativity the Disabled (Drahičyn, Brest Region.). Within the framework of the Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk International Art Festival, a creativity festival of people with disabilities took place, etc. The libraries of Belarus have created work stations for people with disabilities. Specialized library services are available for people with impaired vision in the regions of the country. The National Library of Belarus equipped with special lifting devices to provide comfortable access for wheelchair users, specialized work stations for the blind and visually challenged. Since 2015, the Art at Your Fingertips Project has been implemented in the National Art Museum. Each exhibit is equipped with a special audio guide and adapted to needs of the blind and visually challenged visitors. The project was implemented with the participation of the Miviya Creative Team. The Brest Regional Local Lore Museum features an exhibition of tactile sculpture for people with impaired vision. The Special World Public Association of the Disabled has run the Regional Souvenirs As a Way of the Сapacity Building in the Local Agrotourism Сommunities in Maladziečna and Vałožyn Districts of Minsk Region with the support of Germany's Federal Government Support Programme for Belarus. Its distinctive feature was involving people with disabilities of all ages in the development, production and sale of souvenirs, as well as a demonstrating possible cooperation mechanisms in the production and sale of souvenirs in the region to the local communities. The performances of the "i", inclusive family theatre (CITi-Theatre), organized by the “Children. Autism. Parents” organization, an international charity, and Velcom company with the information support of UNICEF. Since 2007, Cinema Without Disabilities, a series of video screenings devoted to the problems of people with disabilities have been regularly held in Minsk. In 2016 in the Culture, Belarusian radio channel, launched the All Children Are Talented project, which was arranged by the Mary Poppins Programme for children and about children and the Belarusian Association for Assistance to Disabled Children and Young People.

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