Education for Culture in the Republic of Srpska

Bosnia y Herzegovina
Ministry of Education and Culture of the RS
The Institute for Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of RS
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The Republic of Srpska (RS)
Part of Education for Culture, the RS Culture Development Strategy, specify priorities:  creative programme in schools, education/arts for culture and development of the audience (a continued process of building a "loyal" audience by institutions and organizations through training, workshops, and progressive marketing). 

Curricula that are updated regularly and contain subjects in the field of art are developed based on the Law on Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education of RS. In addition, art is incorporated into other subjects, so an improved level of creative expression of students is achieved in secondary schools, such as drawing, painting, literature, creative writing, music, dance, sports and drama, integrated into subjects that do not deal with art.  Sports, film and/or new media arts and new forms of popular artistic expression are integrated into the teaching activities of other subjects. Also, there are classes of the arts where students work with artists, creators, designers, and the competition is organized within cultural creative workshops in the mainstream education system, and there are exhibitions and awards are presented for the best works. 

The classes to foster cultural heritage and tradition are also organized, such as the old crafts, which are typical for a certain community.

There are primary and secondary music schools in RS. Based on the above Laws in the field of education, there are 11 music schools in RS, of which there are 4 primary and secondary music schools, while 7 of them are only elementary music schools.  In addition to primary and secondary schools, art and culture are also represented in higher education institutions specialized in this area – in the two public institutions - the Arts Academies in Banja Luka and East Sarajevo, where the following study programmes are taught:  drama programme, which includes acting, theater directing, dramaturgy, film and television and others; art and music programmes, etc.  All of these educational institutions are also financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of RS.

The Law on Education and Scholarships of Young Talents is adopted in 2010 (Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, No.  73/10). The prizes in the field of theater and cinema production are also established within festivals. 

The RS Cinematheque has launched a multi-year project designed for students of these colleges - Summer Movie Campus in the RS Cinematheque -  with the participation of university professors, well-known filmmakers, film historians, film archivists, students - participants in the campus, during the several-day stay. 

In addition, cultural institutions have educational services that work with children. A good example, as already stated, is the RS Museum which holds classes for students and persons with special needs. 

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