Ecuador's participation in Ibero-American Cooperation Programmes (IBER Programmes)

Ministry of Culture and Heritage and affiliated institutions
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The Ibero-American Cooperation Programmes or IBER Programmes work towards strengthening Ibero-American cooperation and identity through joint actions aimed at developing and consolidating the cultural policies of the countries of the region, as well as their capacities in the cultural, scientific, educational, social and economic fields. They also contribute to the promotion of solidarity among the countries and peoples that are part of the Ibero-American space, in order deal with the regional development challenges of development and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together.

In the Quadrennial Periodic Report presented by Ecuador in 2016, the results and achievements of its participation in three IBER Programmes were reported. This programmes were: IBERMEDIA, IBERESCENA and IBERORQUESTAS JUVENILES. After four years, Ecuador's participation in these programmes has notoriously increased and now it is a member of 9 programmes in total: IBERCULTURA VIVA COMUNITARIA, IBERBIBLIOTECAS, IBERARCHIVOS, IBERCOCINAS, IBERMUSEOS, IBERMUSICAS, plus three programmes mentioned above.

The IBER programmes that relate to the objectives and principles of the 2005 UNESCO Convention are:

* IBERMEDIA (1989 accession to the Ibero-American Co-production Agreement and 2008 update)
* IBERESCENA (2009 accession)
* IBERMUSICA (since 2018)

Although the IBER Programmes are an important opportunity to generate both technical and financial cooperation to strengthen Ecuadorian cultural policies, accession to these Programmes largely responds to a citizen demand from artists, creators and cultural managers. This ensures that it is a consensual decision that is reflected in direct benefits for the cultural sectors versus their interest in being part of this international platform, which represents important opportunities for art and culture professionals.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Ecuador's participation in the IBER programmes has generated the following achievements and results:

* Support of the mobility of artists by creating opportunities for internationalization for the Ecuadorian music, film and stage industry;
* Fulfillment of the interest and demands of the sector so that the national creative industry can be part of this program, which constitutes an important international platform in the region;
* Support of the development of the country's cultural industries through financing for the implementation of Ecuadorian projects;
* Dissemination of alternative content, promotion, fostering and creation of new audiences and retention of audiences;
* Co-production of performing, cinematographic and audiovisual works;
* Generation of bi-national and tripartite projects;
* Technical assistance and training in the field of competence of the programmes;
* Encouragement of the participation of young people in the arts, thanks to IBERORQUESTAS JUVENILES;
* Support of the diversity of cultural expressions arising from communities, peoples and nationalities thanks to IBERCULTURA VIVA COMUNITARIA;

It is important to mention that each of the programs has entailed new opportunities for the country's artistic and cultural sector as can be seen below:


* From 2016 to 2019, Ecuadorian projects have benefited from the program with a contribution of US$865,959 (eight hundred sixty-five thousand nine hundred fifty-nine US dollars).
* Support in the co-production of Ecuadorian cinematographic and audiovisual works made in any medium and format, of any length.
* Dissemination of alternative content, promotion, fostering and creation of new audiences and retention of audiences who already consume this kind of audiovisual content.
* In 2019, IBERMEDIA contributed US$229.388.00 through the support to three Co-production projects and one project under Development.


* Support of the mobility of artists generating internationalization opportunities for the Ecuadorian music industry, for their presence and positioning abroad.
* Fulfillment of the interest and demands of the sector so that the national music industry can be part of this program, which constitutes an important international platform in the region;
* Promotion and encouragement of the country's music industry.
* In 2018, out of a total of 47 Ecuadorian projects presented, 6 projects benefited with a total amount of US$26,120. These projects were executed in 2019.
* In 2019, out of 67 Ecuadorian projects proposed, 9 projects benefited, which will be implemented in the course of 2020.


* It answers to a demand from the sector, and seeks strengthening of international networking, which activates the value chain.
* Promotion of international co-productions among artists from Ibero-American countries. This promotes collaborative ties between the different stage sectors, which later triggers the generation of new dynamics of stage creation.
* Since 2009, the year in which Ecuador acceded to the program, IBERESCENA has contributed US$816,40.00 (eight hundred sixteen thousand four hundred thirty US dollars) through the financing of 76 Ecuadorian stage projects, not counting the benefits generated by projects with partnerships.
* Among the relevant projects supported by IBERESCENA are:
o La Republica Analoga (The Analog Republic), 2009-2010.
o Sala Mitomana (Mythomaniac Room), 2016-2017.
o "Escenarios del Mundo" International Festival of Performing Arts, 2019-2020, among others.


* It answers to a demand from the sector, and seeks strengthening of international networking, which activates the value chain.
* Thanks to the support of IBERORQUESTA, the meetings of the "Mitad del Mundo" Young Orchestra and Choir are carried out annually. This constitutes an important synergy space for young Ecuadorian musicians.
* Access to music material generated thanks to the competitions convened by IBERORQUESTAS.
* Participation of 125 groups, with a musical population of more than 2,500 people.
* Technical assistance for the 19 beneficiaries of the Promotion Line of permanent support for the creation and maintenance of the Centers of Community Children and Youth Choirs and Orchestras Network of Ecuador (OCIJCE, in Spanish).
* In 2019, US$37,743.67 where provided through the "Mitad del Mundo" Orchestra project, with the participation of Ecuador, Spain, Panama and Mexico, and 180 children and adolescents from the groups belonging to the newly created OCIJCE Network.
* In 2019, a donation of materials valued at approximately US$3,000 was made to promote the collective instrumental practice of the Community Children and Youth Choirs and Orchestras Network of Ecuador, which featured 36 workshops held in the cities of: Quito, Ambato, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Otavalo, Loja and Portoviejo attended by 253 young musicians. Each visit to a luthier generates a minimum cost of US$90, thus this training provided a benefit of US$22,770.
* In 2019, two original compositions for children and youth choir and orchestra were received. Each of them was valued at approximately US$2,000.


* In compliance with a citizens' demand: The Cultura Viva Comunitaria Network, an organization that brings together about 300 community-based cultural organizations, requested the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to subscribe to the Program.
* The creation of a technical and financial assistance line in the field of community culture, conceived as artistic and cultural expressions arising from communes, communities, peoples, and nationalities, which allows the real application of the principle of living community culture of Art 4 and Art. 122 of the Organic Law of Culture.
* Training of professionals and technicians at the public level: For example, through training of twenty (20) technicians of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage and IFAIC in the IBERCULTURA Map and "Art and Disability" (under the Ministry of Culture and Heritage - Ministry of Social and Economic Inclusion Agreement). Support for training actions with seminars in Antonio Ante Support for Collaborative Work Networks: Rio Cayapas Telembi, Province of Esmeraldas.
* In 2018, approximately US$34,255 were allocated through:
o (2) Technical exchanges;
o 2 Meetings with citizens;
o 5 Scholarships for postgraduate courses;
o 2 training seminars
o 7 public calls with a total of 117 beneficiaries of various cultural associations and organizations in the country.
* In 2019 the program allocated US$16,400 through:
o 8 scholarships for the postgraduate course "Community-based Cultural Policies IBERCULTURA VIVA FLACSO Argentina", and 2 beneficiaries for the mobility call.
o Piano-Tango Masterclass for the community, with Master Ariel Pirotti of the "IBERCULTURA VIVA- IBERMUSICAS Synergy Knowledge Bank".
o Ecuador in Chile technical exchange, plus attendance to the 2nd Meeting of Cultural Community Organizations in El Molle.

Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 

In the 2016 - 2019 period, the following resources were allocated:

* IBERMEDIA: US$640,000
* IBERESCENA: US$260,000

This gives a total of US$345,000 (three hundred forty-five thousand US dollars) allocated in IBER Programs in 2019.

Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Name of partnerType of entity
Institute for the Promotion of Arts, Innovation and Creativity (IFAIC, in Spanish)
Public Sector
Cinema and Audiovisual Creation Institute (ICCA, in Spanish)
Public Sector
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