Draft law on "Hungaricums" or traditional Hungarian products

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The document 'Programme of National Cooperation' (the current programme of the government) contains the presentation of a draft law on Hungarian national values and 'Hungaricums' or traditional Hungarian products. A specified by the draft law, traditional Hungarian products and Hungarian values are not necessarily agricultural or food products and processes, but can be cultural assets and knowledge as well (which, however does not mean that the former ones do not have a cultural value- quite the opposite).

The act on Hungarian values and traditional Hungarian products is a framework law which serves as a backbone of a regulatory system that facilitates the selection of Hungarian national values and· traditional Hungarian products. The first step involves the identification of such items, followed by their documentation, organization, popularization with the present and the future generations and preservation. The objective is by no means exclusion, but the creation of the legal background necessary for collection of an extended scope and for the creation of a genuine inventory of values. The identification and categorization of national values happens with the application of a specific system, the Pyramid of Hungarian National Values. The Commission of Traditional Hungarian Products (hereinafter referred to as the 'Commission') selects the products.

The first level of the pyramid is made up of the value inventories of settlements; local authorities have the option to compile such lists. The inventories then are sent to an authority at the county level or- if no such authority exists- directly to the Commission. Similarly, county authorities may produce county-level inventories of values and then send the data to the Commission. The ministries also organise their own national values (sectorial inventory) and submit the documents to the Commission. As stipulated by law, national values are products protected by EU patents and tangible and intangible values appreciated by the international community. 

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An important part of the regulation is the trademark of traditional Hungarian products. The production of such products will require the launch of small and medium enterprises; at the same time, it offers opportunities of development for industrial enterprises and thus promotes their viability. As a result, the range of products will be extended in trade and catering. With targeted development, it may become an integral part of rural development programmes and may contribute to the upturn of rural tourism. This has an effect on the image and the attractiveness of the given settlement or region and the country as a whole. Taking into consideration the improvement of the viability of Hungarian small and medium enterprises, it can be concluded the whole process may lead to economic growth in the long run.

According to plans, the right to use the trademark 'Hungaricum' will be granted via a call for proposals. For reaching the market, the registration of such traditional products is an essential but not sufficient condition. These products will become widely known and popular only if the quality expected and known by the consumers is maintained and monitored on a regular basis, if a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy is developed, if trading opportunities in Hungary are extended and if targeted international promotional activity is

With regard to the diversity of cultural expressions, the draft law on traditional Hungarian products is of paramount importance, as it protects specific Hungarian cultural expressions and those intangible products of the Hungarians which contributed to the development and growth of Hungary, Europe and mankind alike. This protection makes it possible for the Hungarian, a relatively small nation - and the minorities related to Hungarians- to face the challenges posed by globalization and to protect its own self-identity, thus promoting the cultural diversity of Europe and the world.

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