Dpcm. 169/2019 Law - Organization regulation - Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism (MIBACT)

Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism (MIBACT)
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The organic reform of the MIBACT extends a strong focus on contemporary art and creative industries, autonomy for museums as well as the digitization of cultural heritage.
The normative regulation confirms the other General Directorates (art.14) as follow:
- "Educazione, ricerca e istituti culturali" (art.15), which is competent, inter alia, regarding the annual report on implementation of Article 9 of the Constitution;
- " Musei" (art.18), which is responsible, inter alia, for the integrated management and networking activities coordination in the territories also through agreement with Regions, local authorities and other public and private entities.
- <> which performs functions and tasks relating to public libraries state, national bibliographic and library services, promotion of books and reading and ownership intellectual property and copyright ( pursuant to Article 10 of Legislative Decree 30 July 1999, n. 303, as well as address and, in agreement with General Directorate "Bilancio", for the supervision of the Italian company authors and publishers (SIAE) pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 3, of the law 9 January 2008, n. 2) . Moreover it is responsible for the functioning of the " Fund for the promotion of the book and of reading" ( Fondo per la promozione del libro e della lettura"), and for the "Allocation of a portion of the Emergency Fund for enterprises and cultural institutions" ( Art. 183, paragraph 2, of Decree-Law no. 34 of 2020) for the support of small publishers.
The resources will be distributed among the beneficiaries in the amount equal to 1% of the turnover of the year 2019, and in any case, in an amount not exceeding 20 thousand euros for each beneficiary. If the theoretical total of contributions to be paid is greater than the actual availability of the resources referred to in Article 1 of the Ministerial Decree n. 364 of 30.07.2020, the Directorate General for Libraries and Copyright provides for the proportional recalculation for all admitted applicants.
- <> which performs functions and duties in the field of performing arts, live entertainment with reference to music, dance, theater, to circuses, traveling entertainment and theatrical festivals and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions.
- <> which promotes and coordinates initiatives with a purpose the development of film production and audiovisual works, the development of their distribution and diffusion in Italy and abroad, also in agreement with the Ministry of economic development and with the MAECI and international cooperation. Furthermore, under the UNESCO Convention on protection and the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, proposes and implements, with reference to the sector of competence, measures aimed at providing autonomous national cultural industries the effective access to means of production, dissemination and distribution of activities, of cultural goods and services.
The reform established also the General Directorate named "Contemporary Creativity (art.21)", which performs the functions and duties relating to the promotion and support contemporary art and architecture, therein including photography and video-art, applied arts, design and fashion, and architectural quality and urban planning. The Directorate also supports cultural and creative industries and promotes urban regeneration interventions, as well as, promotes creativity and production in the sector
of contemporary art and architecture, of photography, design, fashion, and spreads knowledge, enhancing, also through competitions, the works by young and creative artists.
Moreover, within the mandatory functions of central and regional institutions, the " Permanent Conference for relations between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano" ( http://statoregioni.it/it/conferenza-stato-regioni/) is established, with D.P.C.M. of 12 October 1983, as a special collegial office useful for promoting cooperation between the activities of the State and that of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces and usually meets every two weeks. It represents the forum between the central and regional administrations, the place where the Government acquires the notice of the Regions in relation to the governmental guidelines of general policy affecting matters of regional competence (with the exception of foreign policy guidelines , defense and national security and justice). The legislative decree n. 281 of 28 August 1997 intervenes to "define and expand the powers of the Permanent Conference for relations between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and to unify, for the matters and tasks of common interest of the Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, with the State-City Conference and Local Authorities ". The activity of the Conference is expressed through opinions, understandings, deliberations, agreements, connections, information and State-Regions collaborations, exchange of data and information, with the establishment of committees and working groups, designations of regional representatives and is compulsorily heard on draft laws and legislative decrees or government regulations in matters falling within the competence of the Regions or Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and on any object of regional interest.

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In the framework of the monitoring of cultural policies, the PanoramaSpettacolo Project (http://www.spettacolodalvivo.beniculturali.it/index.php/osservatorio-del...) is developed with the intention of producing territorial statistical information that supports the definition, monitoring and evaluation of policies and interventions in the cultural sector.
The PanoramaSpettacolo Project originates from a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE). With the Memorandum of Understanding, SIAE undertakes to provide the Observatory of Entertainment of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism with geo-referenced data relating to entertainment activities in Italy.
In the research documents produced as part of the PanoramaSpettacolo Project, territorial analyses of the supply and demand for entertainment are proposed, carried out using a GIS (Geographical Information Systems) survey tool and tools of statistical methodology. The PanoramaSpettacolo Project was included, as a Project Study, in the National Statistical Program for the three-year period 2017-2019 prepared by ISTAT, and is present in the National Statistical Program for the three-year period 2020-2022 prepared by ISTAT. The research documents project are produced within the well-known "Osservatorio dello Spettacolo- Observatory for the Performing Arts"of MIBACT with the tasks:
?collect and update data and news relating to the performance of the show, in its various forms, in Italy and abroad;
? Acquire elements of knowledge on the overall annual expenditure in Italy, including that of the regions and local authorities, and abroad, destined for the support and incentive of entertainment;
? to elaborate documents of collection and analysis of such data and news, which allow to identify the trend lines of the show as a whole and of the individual sectors of it on national and international markets.

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