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Directorate of Creative Industries CABA
Objetivos clave de la medida:

Law No.4761 for the Promotion of design activities in the City of Buenos Aires approved in November 2013 provided for the creation of a Design District and set up a 15-yea r horizon. The Design District is a project t hat seeks to develop an a rea ofthe City of Buenos Aires,a s well a s Barracas Oeste, based on sectors related to design,as a factor for economic competitiveness.

This District focuses on boosting the design industry competitiveness,to turn it into a key element of cultural identity in Buenos Aires for the world,in addition to positioning t he City internationally as a design creation a nd production hub.

The Design District revitalizes the Barraca s Neighborhood,with an industrial history that has left large indust rial facilities of great patrimonial value to stimulate the settlement of actors associated to the productive backstage of the industry and companies, academies and professionals of the sector.The new residents of the design generation hub benefit from tax exemptions and facilities to promote its own growth, and that ofthe industry.

Alcance de la medida:
Regional, National, International
Naturaleza de la medida:
Característica principal de la medida:


The Design District promotes urban interventions in the territory with the objective of promoting the area, providing identity and adding value to the neighborhood through the incorporation of design to the public space. The neighbors of Barracas connect with one another and coexist with the new residents,connected with the growing industry of design. Collaborative transformation in a sector of great urban potential in the City is made possible through public bids where the neighborhood volunteers to be renovated with design,while designers find an opportunity to become the protagonists of this change.

Each contest is subject to a thorough review of the bid terms and conditions for every Resolution,and an interdisciplinary jury is set up

with representatives of each field,local actors and well-known specialists in each field.


The criterion adopted for these interventions is based on two work axes:

The first is represented by Boulevard Av. lriarte,which concentrates the greater business and sociocultural activity of the neighborhood, led by the Central Pa rk building to the East and the Sagrado Coraz6n de Jesus Basilica t o the West. In this first a rea,four facades of loca l shops have already been intervened,a nd three more works are sched uled to begin this year.The Boulevard was restored with new sidewalks,furniture and lights.In 2016,the proposal select ed to light up the Basilica is scheduled t o be implement ed.


The second axis is represented by an expa nsion of the Highway going through the Design District,North to South. On this area,work has been done on a series of integrative interventions in the neighborhood of Barracas,the first of them at the intersection with California street,the second on Quinquela Martin,a nd the next one on Lama drid.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

Based on the conforma tion and consolidation of districts (formed by companies,universities and the ecosystem that connects them), the objective was to promote synergy between the different links of the chain of value of t he same industry and prioritize it in urban a rea s where the experiences are c arried out,wit h the purpose of positioning creat ive industries loca lly and internationa lly and revitalizing territories.

Two years after t he inauguration,t here were 27 companies settled there,which implied 72,000 sq.meters and 1200 Human Resources.

Moreover,at t he Metropolitan Design Centre (CMD),Tra de Schools were implemented and 7000 people gradua ted.

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

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