Dissemination of art and culture abroad

Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Organic Law on Foreign Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility includes articles, which promotes dissemination of Ecuadorian culture abroad, providing measures to create plans "for the orientation, coordination and development of the activities designed to disseminate the knowledge of Ecuador’s cultural values abroad". The aim of these policies is to manage and promote Ecuadorian culture abroad through the country’s diplomatic missions. These activities have been developed in different cultural disciplines such as performing arts, plastic arts, music festivals, contests, concerts, gastronomic fairs/festivals, handicrafts, literary activities, films, audiovisual and photography.

In the period concerning this report, a large number of annual events have been held in many countries around the world. Approximately 372 events were held, including fairs, international festivals, concerts, photography and painting exhibitions, among others, attended by around 211,507 participants.

A total of 19 agreements and declarations have been signed or are being negotiated, among other bilateral and multilateral international instruments between Ecuador and several countries in matters of cultural entrepreneurship with the support of the Embassies of Ecuador abroad. The largest number of agreements signed or pending has been negotiated with South America and the Caribbean in the period covered by this report, reaching a total of 9 international instruments.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage executed the "Incentive Program to Support Mobilizations of National Representations Abroad", which aims to promote the diversity of cultural expressions and stimulate the creation, production, dissemination and enjoyment of cultural goods and services. In order to do this, airplane tickets are conferred to Ecuadorian artists in order to support their participation in cultural events abroad. In 2014, a total of 286 "cultural ambassadors" from different provinces of the country were beneficiaries, of which, 163 were male and 105 female, self - identified as mestizos, Afro - Ecuadorian, indigenous, among others. These representatives participated in several diffusion, promotion and positioning of artistic and cultural expressions of Ecuador events, mainly in international exhibitions of handicrafts, cinema, music, theater and dance, as well as book fairs and cultural markets. In 2015, a total of 154 cultural representatives received this assistance. In regard to the year 2016, the resources destined to finance this initiative have been reduced; however, it was possible to support 52 cultural representatives.

Among the most relevant events with Ecuadorian participation abroad are: Micsur (Mar del Plata 2014 and Bogota 2016); Book fairs (Guadalajara, Buenos Aires and Bogota); Mercado Musical del Pacifico, Mica; Ventana Sur (CNCINE: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015); Marche du Film de Cannes (2013, 2014, 2015), among others. In addition, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism, Ecuador has participated in 50 international fairs linked to cultural activities, which had 2,423,500 visitors. However, the evolution of Ecuadorian participation in these fairs has decreased, from 21 fairs in 2012 to 1 fair in 2016.

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