Digital Uganda Vision

Ministry of Information, Technology Communication and National Guidance
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

It is a National Policy and Strategic Framework that reviews, integrates, consolidates, and improves all the existing ICT strategies, policies and plans into one overarching digital Vision for Uganda by providing a unified direction for ICT development and an Integrated ICT project implementation approach.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Establishment of a rural communications Fund, the distribution of computers to rural schools and associated training in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Sports, establishment of a Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) and E-Government Interoperability Framework (E-GIF) to facilitate coordination and delivery of integrated services across government MDAs as identified inthe Digital Vision Uganda by ensuring better interoperability and optimal use of ICT infrastructure.

Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 


Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Name of partnerType of entity
Uganda Communications Commission
Public Sector
Has the implementation of the policy/measure been evaluated?: 
If yes, what are the main conclusions/recommendations?: 

in 2019 a review was carried out which showed a) regressive social networking and mobile money taxes which broaden the income and digital inequality, b) low internet and mobile penetration due to poor ICT infrastructure, poverty, and digital literacy, c) lack of affordability of data and devices for the majority of Ugandans, d) telecommunication market concentration particularly outside Urban areas where there is duopoly, e) demand stimulation to encourage people to shift from passive consumption to productive use of ICT, f) lack of cost-effective strategies to support mobile money for the unbacked, and g) lower cost access and use models to promote dynamic spectrum use in rural areas.

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