Digital Cultural Heritage Strategy

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia
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By the end of 2021, the project will see the current digital content of the National Library of Latvia, the National Archives of Latvia and other cultural institutions complemented. The project will digitize 3 075 000 pages of text, 117 000 descriptions of various images and valuable cultural artefacts, including maps, photographs, surveys of cultural monuments and descriptions of objects, 223 000 minutes of audio, 245 000 minutes of video footage, 37 500 minutes of cinema footage, 70 000 museum objects, as well as a small amount of 3D digitalization of cultural monuments (10 units), records of cultural events (50 units) and intangible cultural heritage (15 units).
Simultaneously with the digitization process, the project will further develop the Digital Object Management and Conservation System, develop the 1st Stage of the Copyright Management and Content Licensing System, equip 29 regional cultural centres with Video Content Distribution Infrastructure, create one Content Management and one Content Dissemination Centre, publish several Open Datasets, including Related Open Datasets, and develop the 1st Stage of an Integrated Centralized Open System Information Platform.

The project implementation costs are EUR 8 000 000, of which EUR 6 800 000 (85%) is ERDF funding and EUR 1 200 000 (15%) is national co-funding. At least 50% of the project's eligible costs are for the digitization of cultural-heritage content.

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Latvian National Library
Public Sector
National Archives of Latvia
Public Sector
National Heritage Board
Public Sector
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