Die Vielen, Austria

Die Vielen
Está medida ha sido notificada por la sociedad civil.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
DIE VIELEN_AT acts as a supportive and active network, bringing together cultural actors within Austria, whose aim is to promote tolerance as well as solidarity in all cultural areas. The association organises events and happenings that reject to hate. The diversity of DIE VIELEN is reflected within the diversity of the active members: That is why the participation of artists from all sectors and employees in different functions of cultural institutions and universities is as important to the work of DIE VIELEN_AT as the collaboration with further initiatives that engage in fighting against discrimination. Objectives: • Initiation of solidarity and proactive networks • Standing up against extreme right-wing and populist tendencies • Creation of forums for exchange of experiences and dialogue regarding threats to artistic freedom
Objetivo(s) de la Convención 2005 de la UNESCO
Dominios culturales
Cine / Artes audiovisuales
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