Development of Mechanisms for Collective Management of copyright in Cape Verde

Audiogest – Association for the management and distribution of Rights
GDA – Collective Management Society of the Rights of Artists, Interpreters and Performers
Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries of Cape Verde
Objetivos clave de la medida:

The main objective of this project is to involve the partners in order for them to make all efforts and cooperate aiming at, in a short term, help to implement in Cape Verde mechanisms to improve collective management of copyright and neighboring rights. These mechanisms should be expressed in the support to public and private institutions from Cape Verde and shall be based on principles of accuracy, transparency, fairness and equality in the treatment of the right-holders they represent, according to the best international practices.

The partnership established by the parties aims the following general objectives:

•             Professionalization of the record publishing sector and valorization of artistic careers;

•             Development and internationalization of the music industry on the extent of all their creative holders;

•             Promote, with the competent international bodies, a Portuguese expression market of cultural goods;

•             Promote the interaction between music and other economic sectors, in particular, creative industries, start-ups and tourism;

•             To protect and disseminate both countries cultural and musical repertoire by promoting performances, artists and producers exchange.

Alcance de la medida:
Naturaleza de la medida:
Característica principal de la medida:

To attain the objectives, a protocol for the support and consulting in the development of mechanisms for the collective management of copyright was signed, between the government of Cape Verde (through the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries) and Portuguese entities of collective management of copyright, namely, Audiogest and GDA.

In compliance with the protocol, the Portuguese collective management entities (EGC-P) have the conditions to ensure:

  • Advice and technical support in the preparation of the activities plan and budget for copyright and royalties collecting in Cape Verde and in the preparation of regulations and internal rules for the collecting, distribution and rights management activities, as well for the procedures and organization of the management entity (ies) and respective forms;

•             Training in raising repertoire and rights holders attendance; in copyright and related rights, with a particular focus on collectively managed rights; on tariffs definition and application; in negotiation and collecting functions: procedures, general rules, code of conduct for collection employees; in distribution functions.

•             Provision, whenever possible and in particular when the EGC-P are seminars and courses of specialization promoters or organizers in the copyright and collective management field, of technical staff vacancies indicated by the Ministry of Culture and Creative industries (MCIC) or by the entity (ies) indicated by MCIC.

•             Local monitoring of collective management implementation of several activities;

•             Support for the international recognition of the entity (ies) within the producers and artists management societies community;

  • High-level technical assistance to support MCIC or whoever they understand to delegate within the framework of preparation and drafting of regulatory and legislative instruments;    
  • The claim of international repertoire of Cape Verde origin, off Cape Verde, its identification, complaint, collection and delivery to the holders representatives.
Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

To protect careers of creators from Cape Verde, it’s expected the establishment of conditions that enable cultural agents to operate and develop their artistic activity with legal security and a fair financial return.

This cooperation will bring to the Ministry of Culture and to Cape Verde several advantages:

•             Effective implementation and short-term recovery mechanisms, management and distribution of copyright and related rights in the country;

•             The possibility to obtain, through the management of EGC-P, revenue from related rights for the use of musical repertoire in foreign countries;

•             Training technical staff in collective management and distribution of copyright and related rights;

•             Contribute to promote the internationalization of Cape Verdean music in the world;

•             Investment costs reduction and collective management system implementation;

•             Permanent reduction of management costs for the use of international repertoire outside Cape Verde.

The advantages for the Portuguese entities are:

•             Contribute to promote Portuguese music internationalization in the world and the exchange of producers, shows and artists in Cape Verde;

•             Increase awareness and broaden management experience;

•             General costs reduction by creating economies of scale;

•             Reduction of international management costs for the use of Portuguese repertoire by creating an economy of scale enabled by the enlargement of the managed repertoire to the Cape Verde repertoire.

In a spirit of cooperation and mutual gains, this delegation of powers will allow the Portuguese entities, besides getting a fee for the management of the Cape Verde repertoire, to capitalize and develop its presence in the Portuguese-speaking market, creating true economies of scale.To Cape Verde advantages are mainly the cost reduction in the international management of the uses of the repertoire outside the country and the guarantee that royalties are dully taxed.

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

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