Development of Cultural Development Plans and Strategies

Development of a Culture Strategy for Vorarlberg: Department for Culture of the regional government of Vorarlberg
Update the Cultural Development Plan II for the City of Salzburg: Municipal Department for Culture, Education and Science (lead) of the City of Salzburg
Objetivos clave de la medida:
  • identification of key challenges, priority areas for activity, and objectives for cultural development
  • formulation of a strategy guiding future cultural policy, in coordination with other policy fields
  • involvement of civil society, in particular artists, culture professionals, and other cultural actors in the preparation of these strategies / development plans
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Característica principal de la medida:

In recent years, many Laender and municipalities in Austria initiated processes aiming at drawing up new or updating existing culture development strategies and plans. These initiatives are characterized by a strong emphasis on participatory elements and cross-departmental coordination. Examples include:

Development of a Culture Strategy for Vorarlberg: In 2014, the Cultural Advisory Council of the regional government of Vorarlberg launched a debate on the future strategy of its cultural development. Following consultations with experts, members of all art commissions, and IG Kultur Vorarlberg, the regional government invited all interested stakeholders to contribute to and discuss the future culture strategy at a public symposium. About 350 people participated. On the basis of these discussions’ results, an expert group drew up a draft strategy, which was subject to a public consultation. A number of further consultation rounds with other partners, such as from the policy fields of spatial planning, economy, education, youth, environment, etc., took place. The Culture Strategy for Vorarlberg, which incorporates the results of these consultations, was published on 1 April 2016.

Update to the Cultural Development Plan for the City of Salzburg: In 2012, the City of Salzburg started a process aimed at updating its first Culture Mission Statement and Cultural Development Plan of 2001 (CMS/CDP I). Based on an evaluation and the CDP I’s implementation, a questionnaire was developed that served as the basis for a series of 26 expert talks/workshops that brought together about 100 representatives of the cultural scene, cultural policy, and cultural management as well as related areas like media, tourism, and the economy. Additional written contributions and expert opinions, as well as proposals from the general public (via an online tool), likewise fed into the draft report. Following a public discussion, further proposals were incorporated into the final CMS/CDP II, which was formally adopted by the municipal council of the City of Salzburg o

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

In general terms, these participatory processes aimed to:

  • establishment and deepening of cooperation between relevant stakeholders, in particular cultural policy makers, cultural administrators, artists, and creative entrepreneurs as well as private sector stakeholders and NGOs;
  • strengthening of the “mainstreaming of culture” through cross-departmental cooperation as early as the development-stage of culture strategies and cultural development plans
  • achievement of a greater acceptance of and commitment to the identified strategic policy objectives and measures – and the necessity for corresponding public funding
  • contribution to greater transparency and accountability of cultural policy-making

The content of the individual culture strategies and development plans varies according to the specific context and competences of the respective administrative units.

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

Development of a Culture Strategy for Vorarlberg: EUR 102,828

Update the Cultural Development Plan for the City of Salzburg: EUR 11,000