Development of cultural centers/capital/products/industries as a segment of sustainable cultural development

Bosnia y Herzegovina
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The Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina invests significant funds for a range of projects in the cultural institutions, cultural tourism, cultural infrastructure, creative arts, tangible and intangible cultural capital and international cultural cooperation.

The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports through the funded projects and programmes in last 4 years is showing and demonstrating that the public cultural infrastructures, i.e. cultural centers, play a key role in promoting cultural education and cultural participation, as well as they contribute to eliminate exclusions and marginalization, especially cultural centers in small towns and rural areas of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, they are also crucial in creating an enabling environment for the emergence of dynamic cultural sectors and cultural clusters.

Indeed, cultural operators face serious difficulties in establishing viable enterprises without the basic infrastructure, such as access to capital, distribution venues and management training. Cultural infrastructures are, thus, essential in making culture “work” for sustainable development at all levels. Therefore, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports earmarked a large sum of money from the Budget for conservation, reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation of cultural facilities (most of them are cultural centers), public facilities, sacral objects of cultural heritage, old towns, movable cultural properties, necropolis and archaeological localities. The aim of the Ministry was to build inclusive and creative society, equitable access to cultural life and diverse expressions and to increase literacy of diversity and its expressions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then, cultural products and cultural industries attract investments (domestic and foreign), so therefore contributing to the sustainable development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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