Developing Regional Centers for Cultural Industries

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Nigeria has kick started this project by establishing cultural industries in all the states of the federation. Seven (7) of such industries have been established. They are to be transferred to appropriate authorities at the local level for running.

In addition, Nigeria has initiated measured actions to develop her tourism sites, festivals etc. with the hope of creating jobs and
wealth for the local communities where these sites are located. Nigeria Tourism is Culture based. The diversity of her culture makes her a tourism destination. A lot of effort is geared towards the promotion of the nation's local festivals with a view to attracting tourists and thereby providing sustainable development for the populace. So far 1 0 Nigerian Cultural festivals have been upgraded to international levels such that they will attract tourists.

Among those festivals are: the Argungu Fishing Festival in Northern Nigeria; the Mmawu Festival in Eastern Nigeria; the Osun Oshogbo Festival in Western Nigeria and the Calabar Christmas Carnival in Southern Nigeria, etc. Several other local festivals have been identified for inclusion on the national calendar of festivals. The State Governments are also beginning to appreciate the impact of these festivals on their economy and many of them are identifying festivals to be so upgraded following examples from the Federal level.

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