Design Week

Association “Dizaino forumas” (Design Forum)
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Association “Dizaino forumas” (Design Forum) seeks the acknowledgement of design as a catalyst for the development of modern society and a factor for sustainable economic growth, the deeper use of design in production, communication and public life. Design Forum organises initiatives to help promoting design of local creators in local environment and abroad, support and organisation of design related events, competitions, awards. The Lithuanian design prize “Geras Dizainas” (Good Design) was initiated by the Lithuanian Design Forum in order to show a seemingly obvious difference between good design and bad design (or its absence), to celebrate the creators of good design and the businesses able to harness its potential. “Geras Dizainas” is awarded each year to the ten best design works in ten different categories. The contest’s international jury chooses the three best submissions in every category: furniture and lightning, interior, interior elements, costume design, fashion accessories, concept, publication, services and social design, product/industrial design and visual identity. is a virtual database of local designers and their work, which aims to represent designers and facilitate their accessibility to potential clients, employers and manufacturers. It is also a platform to announce design competitions, job vacancies and an opportunity for designers to showcase work to potential employers, manufacturers and other designers. Design Week Lithuania is an annual event which is being organised since 2005. It is the only design event of such kind in Lithuania that emphasises the importance of original ideas, insightful solutions and professional design. The Festival introduces the public to the field of design, emphasises the added value and its impact and presents design as a strategic tool for creating change. Each year, the Festival brings together design professionals to find inspiration, provides an opportunity for design professionals to get acquainted with the latest design trends and present their work. All the latest design work, concepts and products are welcome to join the festival in various forms. The exhibition cycle “Design Lithuania” each year showcases the finest of Lithuanian design throughout Europe, and even a bit further. Exhibitions have been showcased abroad on 18 occasions already, including such cities as Berlin, London, Budapest, Jerusalem or Paris. The aim of the project is to present Lithuanian design and represent our country at Europe’s most important design events.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Designers’ database showcases Lithuanian designers and their works in various categories, i.e. interior design, interior elements, fashion accessories, jewellery, industrial design. is a website not only for professional and emerging designers but also for those who are just planning to start their career path as a designer. It encouraged to learn more about study opportunities in Lithuania by introducing all available design study programmes with descriptions in one place. It has been a useful platform to find all the design study programmes in Lithuania as well as Lithuanian designers, design studios and companies, their most successful projects. Good Design award each year emphasises the best design examples in the country. So far, the award has received 1084 submissions; 39 design experts from Lithuania and abroad have joined the award jury and 209 projects have been elected as winners. Good Design prize encourages young designers to present their work to international jury and gain more public attention. Design Week Lithuania is an annual event dedicated to the synthesis of insightful solutions, original ideas and professional performance, while at the same time highlighting the value of good design. Over the last decade, the festival has become a regular fixture and the country’s biggest design event organised by the Lithuanian Design Forum since 2006. It is an opportunity to showcase the most interesting work for both young designers and professionals. Since 2016, the number of participants has grown from 170 to 210 and the number of organised events has grown from 70 to 110 during the week of design. In 2019, the Festival staged its 14th edition, inviting designers, companies and educational institutions to present their latest projects to creative and curious audiences. Every year the festival’s events take place in six cities in Lithuania, i.e. Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Telšiai and Anykščiai. Design Lithuania exhibition cycle was organised in various cities abroad (Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Caen, etc.) each time showcasing more than 25 contemporary Lithuanian design objects. The exhibitions introduced not only young designers but also experienced design companies. Design Lithuania represented the diversity of Lithuanian design sector in such countries like France, Austria, Hungary and Israel. Design Lithuania provides an opportunity to get an overall view of Lithuanian design and to reach out to foreign markets, the design community and field professionals.