Decision No. 467/QD-TTg issued by Prime Minister on April 25, 2019 on integrating policies that support information and propaganda towards poor households, ethnic minorities and mountainous, remote areas, areas by the borders and islands

Viet Nam
Ministry of Information and Communications
People's Committees of provinces and municipalities
Ethnic Minorities Committees
Other ministries and State agencies
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A decision of the Prime Minister on a number of policies to support information and communication activities in remote areas, areas by the borders, islands and ethnic minority areas. The objectives set out include:
- Improve operational capacity of the grassroots information system in mountainous, remote areas, areas by the borders and islands through training and fostering officers and reinforcing infrastructure for grassroots communication activities;
- Enhance the provision of information and propaganda about the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's laws and other essential information contents to serve poor households, ethnic minorities and mountainous, remote areas, areas by the borders and islands
- Improve access to information for poor households through audio and visual means and content that is diverse and appropriate to the characteristics of the ethnic minorities' cultural life, customs and languages, which give ways to improving the communication effectiveness.
Specific support policies and activities as follows:
- Support specialized training for officials working in the field of information and communication, support audio and visual media for poor and near poor households;
- Piloting providing radios for ethnic minority and mountainous areas, areas with extreme adversity and by the borders;
- Support the use of public telecommunications services (fixed telephone service or postpaid mobile information service) for poor and near-poor households;
- Support communication on poverty reduction and provide with essential information;
- Popularize, educate on laws and propagate on legal support for poor households and ethnic minorities;
- Provide press products for ethnic minority, mountainous areas and areas with extreme adversity;
- Provide specialized information products targeting ethnic minority people (VOV4 Broadcasting System, VTV5 Television in ethnic languages);
- Support the reinforcement of infrastructure for grassroots information activities;
- Policies on supporting postal services and newspaper distribution to mountainous, remote areas, areas by the borders and islands.

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