Culture and Sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region (Culturability BSR)

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The purpose of the Culturability BSR project was to build knowledge, share cases and foster further cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region on culture as a driver for sustainable development. The project was led by the Nordic Council of Ministers in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Poland and The Government of Schleswig Holstein. Additionally, the Latvian Ministry of Culture and the cities of Gdansk, Riga were involved. The Danish Cultural Institute functioned as consultants and a partner. The project gathered governments, regional governments, municipalities, cultural actors, private enterprises, NGOs, academia and individual artists from all the countries in the region in a mix that facilitated exchange of experiences and dialogue.

Culturability BSR Phase 1 resulted in projects focused on artistic and creative entrepreneurship for social innovation and enhancing civic participation for urban and sustainable development (e.g. trainings and exchange programmes, curated mobile exhibitions on culture and sustainability, circular bike systems, changing consumer awareness and behaviour through gamification, introducing upcycling principles in fashion industries, developing tools and methods for urban development, etc.). Culturability has created an active and vibrant network where more than 140 actors from different sectors and various key stakeholders have formed strong networks. Furthermore, Culturability managed to assemble a lot of knowledge of what is happening in the region and identifying good practices.

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