Cultural, Technical and Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Barbados and African nations - the Case of the Government of the Republic of Ghana

Ministry of Culture , Sports and Youth
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This cultural cooperation agreement between Barbados and Ghana seeks to promote and develop cultural, technical and scientific cooperation and the reciprocal advantages which would result from the cooperation in fields of mutual interests. It also encourages the participation of organisations and entities from the private sector, universities, scientific and technical research agencies and non-governmental organisations in the execution of projects under the agreement.  

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Barbados shares strong historical ties with Africa and has traditionally enjoyed cordial relations with countries in this region. These shared cultural and colonial ties have often served as a platform for areas of cooperation and collaboration, fostering closer relations. This is witnessed in the Cultural, Technical and Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Barbados and the Government of the Republic of Ghana.

The agreement promotes exchanges in personnel and information in the field of culture. One such exchange occurred when Ghanaian artists Mark and Patience Buku, over a three month period in Barbados, introduced Barbadian craftsmen and craftswomen to traditional and contemporary Ghanaian techniques in textile surface design. The impact of their training is still being seen today where some of the practicing textile artists have been clearly able to increase and diversify their produce based on skills learnt during the workshops. Since then the University of the West Indies and the Commission for Pan Affair Affairs in Barbados have continued to develop programmes which seek to implement the various articles in the cultural cooperation agreement.

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