Cultural Appreciation, Social Inclusion and Development of Afro-Darienita communities

Association of Professionals of Darien for Integral and Sustainable Development (APRODISO)
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The overall objective of the initiative is: Conservation and promotion of Afro-Darienita cultural assets as an opportunity to reduce the vulnerability of youth and improve the quality of life of the Afro-Darienita population. The following are specific objectives: (a) Enhancing the value of Afro-descendant cultural assets and promoting the identity and contribution of the Afro-Darienita population to the country's development (b) To promote income opportunities for young people of African descent at social risk (c) To strengthen the human and social capital of Afro-Darienita communities The activities to be carried out include (a) Strengthening the Yaviza Afro-Darienita Cultural Centre; (b) Recording Afro-Darienita music and dance; (c) Producing publications and teaching materials for schools; (d) Forming and strengthening dance and music groups in schools; (e) Supporting community cultural managers in holding events; (f) Cultural enterprises and vocational and technical training for young people of African descent at social risk; (g) Training leaders and strengthening community organizations of African descent and alliances.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Work has been done on community cultural tourism initiatives with local organizations. We have worked on the rescue and enhancement of Afro-descendant and indigenous cultural assets, through the recording of CDs and videos, the construction of cultural houses in the communities and an Afrodescendant Cultural Centre in Yaviza, Darién, the commercialization of handcrafts, support to groups and cultural managers, and the management of learning from these processes. The organization has formulated participatory plans and projects, conducts political advocacy, and manages cooperation and donations to implement projects with communities and their organizations. The beneficiary groups have been producers, women, and youth and children. We have worked on projects for the eradication of child labor, educational projects and vocational training with young people at social risk. We have produced compact discs and videos of Afro-descendant and indigenous music and dance. We have supported young cultural managers and children's dance groups, because of the importance of preserving this cultural heritage.
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