Cultural Agreement with the Government of Barbados and Latin American Countries - Case Study of Panama

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth
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The Cultural Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Panama and  the  Government  of  Barbados  allows  for  exchanges  and  collaboration  between technical and artistic personnel and the exchange of materials in the fields of culture including the exchange of cultural information. 


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The Government of Barbados has active cultural cooperation agreements with several member  states  that  are  signatory  to  the  2005  Convention.  Since  acceding  to  the Convention other cultural cooperation agreements have been successfully pursued and while some existing ones have been revised and strengthen to reflect Barbados’ active pursuit to develop its cultural industries.

This report therefore would highlight Barbados’ activities in various regions across the globe – the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. These relations, although longstanding for many years, have been formalised through official cultural cooperation agreements. In the Americas,  for  example,  Barbados' relations with Panama have  moved  from  strength  to strength. The cultural cooperation agreement between the Government of Barbados and the Government of the Republic of Panama was signed in 2003. This cooperation has seen  both  countries  actively  participating  in  Panama's  celebrations  for  the  100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal in 2014. A yearlong cultural programme was planned and executed between Barbados and Panama.


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