Cultural Action Grants

Ministry of Education and Culture
Provincial Government of Maldonado
Objetivos clave de la medida:

Five national competitive project grants were introduced between 2005 and 2012, a provincial grant was created in 2008: 

1- In December 2005 Law 17930 created the Competitive Culture Grants (FC) as a programme, which provides public funding for cultural and art projects through competitive mechanisms. Its basic objectives are the democratization of culture as well as equal opportunities to access cultural goods, so as to reduce the concentration and centralization of cultural activities. Funding worth $4,004,906.00 has been awarded so far. ( ).  

2- The Competitive Culture Grants (FI) were introduced by Law 17930 (articles 235 to 250) in 2005 to benefit projects related to the arts, heritage and cultural traditions throughout the country. Their funding depends on the contributions of companies liable for industy and wealth tax, which receive fiscal benefits depending on the kind of support they choose: the global grant programme or specific projects. As from 1 January 2012 natural persons may obtain the same benefit (Law 18834 article 190).  The grants treat companies as proactive cultural agents. This system creates the option for social intervention, which makes it possible to get involved with the community and to establish a business communication based on cultural action. For artists, cultural institutions and project managers the grants offer both an opportunity and the tools for the funding of their projects. The FI are a tool to attract funds by granting tax benefits to the companies and natural persons, who support  them. Company contributions so far amount to $598,783.00 ( ) 

3- The Cultural Infrastructure Development Grants (FDIC) for the interior of the country, (Law 17930 article 252) were created on 19 December 2005. Their objective is the improvement of the conditions of public and/or private cultural centres and spaces (halls, museums, libraries, theatres etc.) in the interior of the country. $1,183,260.00 have been awarded so far.

4- The Arts Education and Creation Development Grant (FEFCA). This grant programme was set up recently and works through two kinds of funding: the Eduardo Víctor Haedo and the Justino Zavala Muniz grants. Their names recognize the outstanding work of both figures. The grants are divided into six categories (literature, performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual, dance and music). ( becas para artistas uruguayos?parentid=13740) 

5- The Cultural Institutions Grant (FAFIC) is targeted at well established, emerging and recently founded cultural institutions as well as institutions about to be set up. 
( cultural para todos) 

6- The ProCultura Grants (FPROC) were set up on the basis of Resolutions 3618/2006 and 02388/2012 with the objective to support the presentation of cultural projects, which are prepared in the province of Maldonado and have an impact in the province, in other provinces or abroad. Participation is open to natural persons, both Uruguayan and foreigners with legal residence in Maldonado province.  Legal entities with registered offices in the province are equally invited, with the exception of public authorities and institutions. So far $50,716.00 have been awarded.  

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure:

1-FC: make sure the grants are known everywhere in the country, so as to encourage applications from representatives of provinces in each region. 

2- FI: As it does not imply the direct funding of cultural projects there were difficulties as to the understanding of the grants programme operation mode. 

3- FDIC: Given the need for decentralization and the appropriate assignment of budget resources it was decided to fund up to a maximum of two projects per region and one per province. 

4- FPROC: The documents submitted do not elaborate on this aspect.

Alcance de la medida:
Local, Regional, National, International
Característica principal de la medida:

1- FC. Annual public calls for artists and cultural activists to submit proposals to the Culture and Arts Projects, which are decided upon by external evaluators. There is a national and a regional funding programme. The country is divided into 7 regions (each region has its own funding programme), implying the diversification and strengthening of the creation of cultural projects in the whole country. 

2- FI. Subsidies of quality projects related to the arts and cultural traditions of the country. These grants draw on the contributions of companies, which receive tax benefits according to the kind of support they choose. Projects have to be submitted to the National Council for the Evaluation and Promotion of Culture and Arts Projects (CONAEF), which decides on the integration of the projects in the Project Registry for the Promotion of Culture and the Arts with the help of a team of specialists. 

3- FDIC. Implementation through public calls for projects to finance the renovation, modernization and improvement of buildings as well as the equipment of the centres and the purchase of properties. 

4- FEFCA. Offers 12 grants as part of the E. V. Haedo Grant programme for artists of up to 35 years and 48 grants as part of the J. Z. Muniz Grant programme for active artists. 

6- FPROC. Implementation through public calls for the presentation of cultural projects.

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:


Principales conclusiones de la evaluación de la medida:

It has been specially mentioned that the reception of applications for all public calls was an expression of the impact of these policy measures, as they contribute familiarize applicants even further with the mechanisms of presentation, which will lead to an increasing number of applications and their increasingly professional presentation. 

Indicadores utilizados para determinar el impacto:
Number of projects financed by each grant: 1- FC.  Call 2006-2007:  97 projects funded in all 19 provinces of the country, reaching 126 villages and towns in the interior. 2008: 57 projects funded in all 19 provinces. 2009: 112 projects in the whole country. 2010 (first funding by regional grants): 110 projects, out of which 75 belong to the national grants programme and 35 to the regional grants programme. 2011: 97 projects funded, out of which 79 belonged to the national and 18 to the regional programme. 2- FI. From 2009 to 2011 three calls were published. In 2010 the programme began tu receive contributions from private companies. 35 projects received a total of 91 deposits, 61 companies made use of the benefit scheme. 3- FDIC. From 2005 to 2009 three calls for projects were published. (National Directorate of Culture, Activity Reports 2005-2009) 6- FPROC. Since its introduction 53 cultural and arts projects have been subsidized until today (the number does not include 2011). 
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