Creative New Zealand: Diversity in the Arts Policy

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Creative New Zealand
Objetivos clave de la medida:

To support the creation, presentation and distribution of, and participation in, a diverse range of New Zealand arts.

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Característica principal de la medida:

Creative New Zealand encourages, promotes and supports the arts for the benefit of all New Zealanders. This diversity policy, adopted in October 2015, ensures that the benefits of the arts that Creative New Zealand supports are available to all New Zealanders, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic affiliations, physical or other disability, sexual orientation or religion.

Creative New Zealand:

  • will ensure its data collection allows it to research and report on the age, gender and ethnic affiliations of applicants to Creative New Zealand for arts funding
  • will take measures to ensure there are no significant barriers to accessing its support and resources (this includes making sure communications and application processes meet, as far as possible, agreed standards for removing barriers)
  • encourages the arts sector to remove barriers to access to the arts for practitioners, participants and audiences
  • encourages the arts sector to recognise, promote and celebrate the arts of the diverse cultures of New Zealand
  • will fund educational and advocacy services to promote diversity in access to the arts sector

will require key arts organisations to demonstrate how they deliver to New Zealand’s diverse communities.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:
  • The maintenance of special recognition for Māori arts and the arts of New Zealand’s Pacific peoples.
  • The production, dissemination and participation in the arts by all New Zealanders.
Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

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